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Test First with TDD

Why you cannot afford to ignore TDD

Test-Driven Development is a core practice of agile software development processes. It is a truly multi-purpose practice with positive effects on many different levels of the software development process, from requirements handling to software design and how the individual programmer writes code.

Test-Driven Development is, arguably, the single most important practice in the agile toolbox. Both because of its wide positive impact on the process as a whole, but also because of the productivity and quality it can bring to software design and programming.

The highly successful OOPSLA TDD tutorial held for 3 years running between 2007 and 2009 is the core of this course.  If you had only one chance at attending a course, choose TDD.  It's that essential to your career.

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Cape Town
July 2010 with Aslam Khan

October 2010 with Steve vd Merwe

"It takes a few minutes to learn TDD and lifetime to master it."
Andreas Brink, factor10