Social Media and Marketing Manager: ENGins

Closing date: 9am on Monday 24 July

We are looking for someone to help us both create and implement a social media strategy for our Engineering Inspiration (ENGins) news platform. We don't have a big budget: we can only afford about 8-10h per month total. After the first month or two, we would expect 2/3 of this time to be spent on regular implementation/monitoring/posting (say 1-2 hours per week), and the remaining time on strategy. We would also budgets for small online advertising campaigns, to be negotiated with the person who gets the job.

This is a small project in terms of hours but, because our existing user base is low, it is a chance for you to really show off your skills in this area. If you work with us for a reasonable length of time (say a year), and really add value (I think its very likely that we could increase the readership by 1000% or more - at least tenfold - from it's low base this year), this would make an excellent case study to discuss in meetings for other jobs. 

You would be working directly with me: MD of the company and Editorial Director (and founder) of the site. I'm very good at writing references/testimonials for people who have done good work for me... even if I'm sorry I'm losing them!

The rate of pay will depend on the experience of the successful candidate: please tell us your standard daily rate when you apply and we'll go from there.

We are looking for someone with:
  • A solid grasp of how to use social media for marketing;
  • Reasonable experience and understanding of online advertising (we are especially interested in LinkedIn)
  • Some understanding of our audience: engineers and physical scientists, in London and the South East in the first instance, but ultimately around the world;
  • An interest in editorial development (telling us what we need to do to make the site more engaging)
  • A really good work ethic, enthusiasm, and excellent communication skills.
Please send me a CV and cover letter explaining why you meet the criteria above, and a daily rate that you would be happy with.


Dr Sunny Bains
Managing Director
Form and Content Media Limited