Here's what some parents, teachers and kids said after seeing our shows!

 “It was amazing- the unexpected suggestions that came out of the kids mouths- the Jesters 

weaved everything into a truly captivating story that was full of emotion and surprise – They never

talked down to the kids- but created with them a very intelligent and hilarious story.”

- Vik Sadika (M.D. Sunnybrook hospital,  family day performance)

“We used to get a magician or a clown to entertain the children- but the Extant Jesters did so 

much more than entertain- they had the kids involved and on the edge of their seats the entire 

time and the adults too were seriously rolling on the floor laughing! 

The Extant Jesters offer something very unique. You will be impressed.”

-   Janine Clayton (mother of 8 year-old Tracey)

“ I can honestly say that The Extant Jesters visit to our school was the highlight of the year for my 

class. Such an interactive, intelligent experience is rare in the world of children’s entertainment- 

so often we tell children what to think, bombard them with morals or things we think they should 

find funny- but here was a chance for them to have their say. The narrators’ command of the 

group and their (sometimes off the wall) suggestions was admirable and handled with expertise 

and creativity.  This troupe obviously understands children.”

                                        -  Cynthia Candlish (Elementary school teacher YRDSB)

“ I really liked the princess because she was smart too- she wasn’t just pretty. It’s important to be pretty, but she had other things happening in her life and wasn’t just pretty in the mirror all day. She could even do some things better than boys, like bicycle ride!”


                            ~ Heather (age 6)

“ The part when they were in the attic was really scary.  Because I thought they would be stuck in there and they didn’t have any sandwiches or even milk. So it was good when the funny ghost came out of the boot to save them. I like her voice. She sounded like my teacher Ms. Jensen when she is in a good mood. This is my favorite play I ever seen. And we helped write it!

                            ~ Carson (age 9)

“I think the part when the main character, William was being teased at school was really sad. Because sometimes those things happen at school for no reason- and no one ever talks about it because then they think it will make it worse. But it gets worse anyways- and usually people like william are actually really even the smartest people- they are just different or bring weird things for lunch everyday like dumplings with beef. So I thought it was so good when William moved the big rock.  Then it was obvious he was so so strong, and people were soooo surprised and happy to know him.

                              ~ Ryan (age 12)