School Shows 
and Workshops

The Young Jesters tour regularly to schools in the Toronto, York Region and Peel District Schools Boards. We bring with us more than a decade's worth of experience performing for and working with young people.

The beauty of our show  is that it can be customed-designed to suit any curricular theme.  For example, our show could be centered around the theme of "courage," or "integrity" or any other character in education trait that is the focus of the time. If your grade 5 students are studying early civilizations- we'll set our show in Ancient Greece or among the pyramids! 

Our show is interactive by design- thus enabling a conversational community, as the students work together in a safe, cooperative, entertaining environment to construct the plot, setting and characters while we, the performers, provide the scaffolding for the story.

We are also often brought into classrooms to help teachers and students work through difficult issues. If there is a problem with bullying in the school yard, or integrating a new student into the classrooom community for example, we will custom-design a forum-theatre style interactive show in a non-threatening, entertaining fashion that encourages oppenness and active problem-solving.  We always treat our young audience members and their suggestions with respect, and shy away from easy answers and cliche conclusions.  
We also provide various follow-up workshops, including: 

Improv Skills and Thrills: (30 – 45 minutes)

Almost always, following our school performances, we are

flooded with questions from students and teachers: “How do you do that?” “How do you make up a story on the spot?” “How is it that something based on suggestions you never planned for can be so funny and intelligent?” Well, the short answer is that, we are good at what we do, because we have acquired and developed a specific skill set. 

This workshop “Improv Skills and Thrills” gives participants the opportunity to learn the basics of the art of improvisation (accepting instead of blocking, making clear offers, creating an environment through movement, mime and shared imagination, committing to decisions, listening and team-work). 

All of these skills are touched upon as our professional actor-instructors guide participants through fun, nonthreatening exercises, games and presentations.


Storytelling, listening, risk-taking, co-operation, openness, 

commitment, confidence, acceptance, public speaking.

Memorable, Meaningful and Interactive Interventions

Storytelling Time!: (30 or 45 – 60 minutes)

This popular follow-up workshop finds our professional actor-instructors guiding participants through an experience that encourages them to think about and articulate key elements of storytelling – such as theme, environment, character, plot, genre, etc… (most of these elements are already known instinctively but we bring them forth, call them by name, and demonstrate their validity through interactive role-play and writing exercises). 

These workshops are always a lot of fun and we provide participants with ideas about how to launch their own stories wherever they are and whenever they want. This workshop is often easily adapted to fit in with “Character in Education” themes. We can come in several times a year, perform a show specifically addressing “respect”, “leadership”, “inclusion”, “empathy” etc… and facilitate a follow-up “Storytelling Time!” workshop in keeping with the theme. 


In depth examination of story structure and elements, confidence, cooperation, observation, openness, writing skills, commitment, imagination, finding sources of inspiration.

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