The Incredible Story of Whatever You Want!

Where Improvisation, Imagination and Interaction come to life!

The Incredible Story of Whatever You Want is, essentially, an improvised play for kids! It may be fantastical or action-packed, mysterious, or historical... Whatever the genre, the story is always unique and always tons of fun for everyone! Our show format is absolutley suitable for both girls and boys. 

Our Stories are always made up on the spot and based on suggestions given by our young audience members!  

Here’s how it works:

One performer assumes the role of the ‘narrator.’ The narrator begins by letting the young audience members know that she will need their help to tell this story, and that she will solicite their suggestions as the play unfolds. She often begins by asking them to raise their hand if they can think of a good location for a story to start. Once this is established, the narrator requests a few more specific details.  For example, she may ask for an animal and an emotion, a character name and a personality quirk etc… Hence, based on the kids' ideas, the story may be called “The Frightened Dragon,” or “The Case of the Stolen Painting in the Jungle.” Or “The Doctor who hiccupped for 89 years.”

Immediately the narrator launches into the story! Though it is essentially her job to hold the tale together, she is assisted all the time by the audience and the 2 other professional performers.  She constantly requests story details and twists and turns from audience members; they may be asked to describe elements of a Jungle setting for example- and as they do,  the actors instantly transform right before their eyes!  With  a few simple coloured fabrics and a LOT of creative imagination, trees, rivers, mud holes, swap monsters, old farmers, and even 12-legged bugs appear!

Young audience members always play a large part in key story decisions, and help establish plot, mood, setting and characterization. 


Our stories are always interactive, always fun and easily adapted to the ages, outlooks and imaginations of our audience members.  We provide young people with a unique theatrical experience, born of a spontaneous encounter between the imaginations of children and improvisers alike, played out instantly by our professional and talented actors who utilize physical techniques  of Jacques Le Coq, Dario Fo, Marcel Marceau, Philippe Gaulier, Augusto Boal and others. We make magic and inspire pleasure. 

We Promise To provide a quality, interactive theatrical experience that will thrill and satisfy all in attendance.  In addition to our performance, for school shows, we also offer follow-up question and answer sessionss, creative activities and specialized improv workshops for audience members.  We can custom design any show and workshop to fulfill the needs and desires of any group of young people, their parents and/or educators .  For more information, or to book a show at your theatre, school, birthday party or event, CONTACT US TODAY!