Photo Gallery

This gallery contains some pictures to visualize the working environment in the company's office, as well as, to briefly introduce the town of Kikinda, where the company is located.
The photos of Kikinda try to present some of the main touristic attractions of the town:
  • Suvača - the old horse powered mill. Only one similar mill exists in the whole Pannonia region. Currently, the mill is a museum.
  • Terra - International terracotta sculpture symposium.
  • Old pond ("Jezero") - the park situated there is a very popular leisure place for the resident population.
  • Kika - a superbly preserved fossil remains of a mammoth, named as Kika. The mammoth is situated inside the National museum of Kikinda.
Good restaurants, comfortable apartments, cozy pubs & cafés will all make the stay in Kikinda a nice experience.
All these traits of the town also played a role in a decision where to locate the company.