About Us

A Reputation for Excellence

Founded in 1998, Exer Construction Inc. maintains a reputation for excellence unmatched in the construction industry in the GTA. 

At Exer Construction Inc., we focus on building excellence for all of our clients. Over the last decade we have established a strong bond of trust with our clients and the communities in which we build. Here is why:


We are privately-held company with an entrepreneurial spirit and we make decisions to maintain client and community relationships for the long-term.

Responsible Management

We follow through on our commitments have never failed to complete a project. Exer Construction is an innovative contractor with extensive experience building large, complex projects and heavy infrastructure.

Best Value

Our experienced team delivers services that help you maximize the dollar value for your project and find efficiencies in the schedule to optimize the building process. The loyalty of our clients, most with whom we have been doing business for many years, attests to the Exer's pride in customer satisfaction.