Carol Maugh
1st Grade Teacher

I am very excited to be a part of the Excel Academy learning and teaching team. I am a Colorado native and all of my education, kindergarten through college, has been in Colorado schools. I have a step-son, Travis, who is 26, a step-daughter, Noelle, who is 23 and a 13 year-old son named Trevor. I come to Excel Academy having taught first grade, second grade, and 1-2 multi-age classes. Some of my hobbies are reading, country dancing and playing softball.
But most importantly, I love teaching. I believe that learning is a lifelong process. It is my responsibility as a teacher to help develop in students the desire and ability to educate themselves beyond the limits of their formal education. By being a teacher, I get the opportunity to learn everyday too. I get to learn not only from the parents and colleagues, but mostly from my students. Children, with all of their innocence, are often the best teachers. I look forward to teaching your children and learning from both you and your children.

Phone: (303) 467-2295 ext. 313