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Financial Planning Tailored to the Speed
of Your Life

Developed and Grown at Institutional Algorithmic Rates

Customized Portfolio Management

The Personalized Portfolio Solution process starts with a thorough understanding of your current financial situation. We assess your investment goals,
available resources, desired rates of return, and risk tolerances. We also review your current estate and income tax planning to make sure that our investment solutions help you reach your goals.

We then develop a customized portfolio solution that will allow you to reach your long-term goals and objectives. This Portfolio will gain exposure to multiple market sector's and our proprietary algorithms ensure over 1000 cycles per day that your portfolio is properly hedged and that all positions hold stop values, unless otherwise specified.
Once we have your approval on this customized portfolio, we develop a unique Investment Policy Statement that spells out, in blue print form, how your investment assets are to be managed and allocated. Depending on the Financial Status and Goals of the Client(s) they will be exposed to screen's of ETFs, MLPs, LPs, REIT, Currency exchange, Options, Futures, iShares Institutional and Public Managed by BlackRock, High Yield, High Risk Securities, Mutual Funds, Commodities both physical and electronic funds that attempt to reflect the commodities trends. Most importantly; EPW Venture Capital gives you access to the full range of Hedge Funds (some yielding up to 137.9% per Year without a single trade) without having to be among the Elite 1.4 Million American's that can afford the buy in price of $500,000.00USD (an approximation)
The unique attribuite of this process is that we actively monitor each portfolio’s relative to the overall market on a daily basis for major market turns using proprietary techical indicators as well as time tested algorithms. The customized portfolio stays fully invested during a bull or up market until our proprietary Algorithm's and Portfolio Management Staff, comprised of analysts who are outsourced, confirm such a major market turn has occurred.The Clients Financial State is the Foundation

  • A Constantly Improvising Hedged strategic 1000+ Algorithmic Cycles/Market Day 
  • Exposure to every Sector, Nation and Resource
  • A Singular Actively Managed Portfolio
  • Access to High Frequency Trading
  • A Personal Financial Planner
  • Up to Date Access to Your Personalized Portfolio
  • Cutting Edge Software that the Client receives to act as an independent investor

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Jay Hitt, Sales and Leasing Associate at Howard Hanna Commercial Real Estate Services

Greater Pittsburgh Area

May 16, 2013



The Client's Portfolio Will be Managed by EPW Venture Capital LLC, but all transactions and commissions occur through the Brokerage Firm that the Client and the Independent Financial Advisor determine to suite the singular situation optimally. EPW Venture Capital LLC will be monitoring, adjusting and performing securities transactions on the Client's Behalf.

EPW Venture Capital LLC:
Does not absorb commission fees
Cannot be held legally responsible for losses
Files Bi-Annually with the SEC
Is not responsible for the opinions and sentiments of those affiliated with the Company or any of its Registered Subsidiaries 
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EPW Venture Capital LLC is a Privately Held Corperation

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