"Growing Hearts and Minds, For a Better Today and Tomorrow:  
  Every Day, Every Way, Every One"

The mission of EHS is to engage students in learning that is intellectually vital, personally meaningful, and socially valuable.  This Faculty Folder Google Site aims to provide a "one stop shopping for teachers." Hopefully, you find it useful to your work.  Below is a brief description of each tab:

CIA:  Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment links on Proficiency Based Learning
Communications:  From Your Admin Team and Teacher Leaders
Dates and Timelines: Teacher Calendar, Daily Schedules
Expectations and Information:  An "A to Z" must read for all teachers
Forms:  Common forms housed in one location
MTSS:  Multi Tiered Systems of Supports 
Supervision and Evaluation:  SMART goals and other information related to S. and E.

Site created In "Expanding Learning Opportunities Using Google Tools" Summer Course 2015 taught by our Education Technology Instructors.  This site was last updated August 2019.
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