This first piece is a little somethin'-somethin' I did in support of President Obama during his last campaign. It was plastered all across the globe 

~from Chicago to Cali to Provincetown to DC to Mexico to Japan & all points inbetween~ 

as well as causing quite a sensation on the Internet, becoming somewhat viral & being tweeted by none other than Mr. LL Cool J to his three million followers on election nite...

8 years & never fell...


I am also very proud to have two works in "Design For Obama", a book collecting the best of the posters done during the first campaign in '08. 

My art was selected by filmmaker/community activist Spike Lee & New York Times design guru Steven Heller for inclusion.

Baby Got Hope

This is a piece I did in for my boy when he went from the family bed to his own digs. It's a simple & fun drawing of my family hangin' on Sesame Street with some of our favorite folk, 
done to make his new surroundings feel like his own spot whilst still bein' looked upon by some ol' friends~

Can u tell me how to get, how to get to...

I had the extraordinary honor of being named a Fulbright Scholar & traveling to Japan as a guest of the Japanese government. 
To share my experiences I created a series of paintings collectively titled "Windows on Japan". 
You can click to see the whole series, but here is a small sampling. 

Samurai Firemen


Most of the artwork I've done over the past few years has been for charity, in support of groups, causes, ideas &/or candidates in which I believe & whom I want to help. 

I am extraordinarily lucky to have the circumstance to allow me to do such~ a supportive base of family & friends as well as a job that I enjoy & affords me the financial freedom to pursue such philanthropic endeavors.
One of the earliest pieces I did in this regard was a donation to a benefit auction for a group of concerned citizens in Princeton, NJ, who were opposed to the inhumane & unnecessary culling of deer in the town. 

It seems these horrible creatures had the audacity to eat the flowers in some residents' gardens. Never mind the fact that I'm pretty sure the deer had lived there far before these houses were built & the flowers were planted.
A group of some pretty great folk espousing some pretty great ideas.


"What a Wonderful World" indeed...


& one last thing if you've actually made it this far:
Thank you so much for this opportunity to either be your teacher or teach your kids.
It is an honor & privilege I really cherish & enjoy & I treat it with the passion & dedication it deserves each & every day.