Problem Solving/ Conflict Resolution

4 Steps to 

Problem Solving

    1. Identify the problem without placing blame (non-judgmental).

    2. Think of possible solutions that are both safe and respectful.

    3. Think of the consequences of each solution (ask yourself what would happen if you tried the solution).

    4. Try one of the solutions. If the solution worked, use it again. If it did not work, try another one until you find one that works.

Effective Conflict Resolution

    1. Identify the conflict that needs resolving.

    2. Give each person a chance to express their point-of-view/
perspective while another person or persons listen without interrupting.

    3. Discuss which point/parts you are in agreement on and which one you are not in agreement on.

    4. Discuss a way to compromise and create a win-win situation where all parties are accepting of the solution or conclusion.

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