Anger Management

It is important to remember that anger is a feeling and feelings are not right or wrong. It is what we do this those feelings (our actions) that determine whether we made a good decision (based on the consequences of our actions). When looking to manage our anger, we need to identify what triggers (causes) us to get angry (what anger feels like in us) and then use the following steps to manage our anger. 


  1. Recognize that you're angry & identify triggers.
  2. Accept that you're angry.
  3. Practice relaxation. Count to 10, take deep breaths, and use positive self-talk.
  4. Stop and think about how to express your anger. Come up with positive solutions.
  5. Evaluate the consequences of each solution.
  6. Choose the best way to express.
  7. Express your anger in a helpful way.
  8. Learn from your decision.