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 Technology in EWCSD

Links You Can Use

Study Island <={Check this out!


AR Bookfinder

Upper Playground

Primary Playground

Balls and Jump Ropes

Court Games

Laurel School

Student--Grade Level Links

Collection of Learning Sites

ISTE Recommendations

Cool Tools for the Classroom

Creative Paper Activities

Tech Savvy Girlz

Giokaris State Quizzes

Orchard Dale - AR


Mr. Rosa recommends Dropbox for your file backing up and sharing needs.

Handling Laptops Safely

Internet Safety

Getting Started with Google Docs-EWCSD

Please note that the sites linked to here have been checked by Mr. Rosa.  However, as part of  lessons students are instructed to only go to sites at home if they have permission from their parents.  As a general rule, parents should check out sites before allowing student access.  Additionally, due to the extremely editable nature of the Internet, some sites will change over time.  Please let me know if you find any problems with the sites on this page.

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