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To provide Ewa Makai students with more options, our cafeteria is open daily for two breakfast periods. The first breakfast period is before school and the second breakfast period is during first recess (wiki). For lunch service, we offer three types of main entrées which students can choose from. In addition, a daily salad is also offered as a meal. At the self-service counter, students are able to pick their fruit, vegetables, bread, and milk.

UPDATE: We regret to inform you that the cafeteria will no longer serve second breakfast (Wiki) on Wednesdays for the rest of the school year as a result of low participation.

Meal Accounts and Payments

The Ewa Makai front office accepts pre-payments for your child's breakfast/wiki and lunch meal account. Every student is provided a meal account along with a personal identification number. Students are allowed to deposit money into their account using a personal check, money order or cash. The suggested minimum deposit amounts are $10.00 for a full-price student and $2.00 for a reduced-price student. Students who are entitled to free meals may deposit money into their accounts if they plan on purchasing a second breakfast or lunch, or a la carte items.

Pre-payment envelopes are provided at the front office. Insert your payment into the provided envelope, or you may provide your own envelope. Please make sure that your child's name and homeroom are clearly printed on the outside of the envelope so that the money will be properly credited to their account. Please deliver your payment to one of our clerks in the front office.

If you have more than one child at Ewa Makai, please write the first and last name of each child and indicate the amount of money that should be deposited into each child's account. If no amount is specified, we will credit the money into your children's accounts equally. 

If you have any questions regarding meal payments, please call the front office at 687-9500.

Meal Prices (as of July 2015)


  • Breakfast: $1.10 (regular); $0.30 (reduced); $2.40 (second serving)
  • Lunch: $2.50 (regular); $0.40 (reduced); $5.50 (second serving); $2.00 (second student entree)


  • Breakfast: $2.40
  • Lunch: $5.50
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