Company Background

EVP Advisors Inc. is an independent property and casualty insurance advisory firm.  It was created as the spin-offs of the insurance consulting operations of Navigant Consulting, Inc. and the property and casualty actuarial operations of SMART Business Advisory and Consulting, LLC.

EVP is an Illinois Corporation which was established in November 2009.  We currently employ three Fellows of the Casualty Actuarial Society and an actuarial student.  Additionally, we have part-time contractors we can draw upon to assist in technical analysis.  Our office locations include Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA and Minneapolis, MN.  

EVP advises property and casualty insurance and reinsurance companies, self-insured companies, captives, regulatory authorities, accounting firms, and law firms on actuarial, strategic, operational and litigation matters.

We provide our clients with an array of services which include reserving, analysis of asbestos and environmental exposures, IBNR allocation, commutation analysis, audit support, strategic planning, financial modeling and reporting, reinsurance and collateral analysis, product pricing, predictive modeling, profitability studies, self-insured and captive funding reviews, and expert witness, litigation and arbitration support.  We serve as the appointed actuary for many insurance companies and often act as an internal actuarial department.  We assist companies in developing and integrating their actuarial function.  A rapidly growing area of specialty for our professionals is helping insurance organizations with enterprise risk management, particularly in dealing with regulators and ratings agencies.