• Light of Hope started crowd funding campaign Please find attached your boarding pass ;-)Today the Light of hope team started their crowd funding campaign for 'Light of Hope' project. You can donate any amount you wish to ...
    Posted Feb 14, 2014, 2:42 AM by Peter Hessbrueggen
  • Beer Brew - Startup Sometimes people find together just for fun to make stuff together. This time we had the idea to make our own beer.We use this website to plan and document ...
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  • Light of Hope - 3.Platz beim DELL StartUp Wettbewerb Note: Page will be translated soon:Das Team von "Light of Hope" hat erste Erfolge zu verzeichnen. Im letzen Monat  konnten Walli & und sein Team den 3 Platz bei einem ...
    Posted Feb 7, 2014, 6:15 AM by Peter Hessbrueggen
  • ICE Africa Reload 2013 in Weimar Great event with wonderful people who collaborate in an open way, exchange ideas and looking for next challenges.The group I was working together has developed ideas about HOW TO ...
    Posted Jan 16, 2014, 2:49 AM by Peter Hessbrueggen
  • Collaboration Myanmar Environmental Institut (MEI) By the kind invitation of Prof. WIn Maung I could make the attached presentation to the current students of Myanmar Environmental Institut.It was a pleasure to gave it and ...
    Posted Feb 3, 2013, 10:15 PM by Peter Hessbrueggen
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Our Mission! 

-> Visible Added Value for ENERGY, EDUCATION and PRODUCTION.

OLABS is an Open Laboratory for Sustainability and Innovations.

ENERGY: Generate, distribute and local usage of Renewable Energy
EDUCATION: Foster the competence for Primary Schools, Vocal Trainings and Universities
PRODUCTION: Develop Sustainable Products in a  holistic Life Cycle Process

Our Vision! ->  Establish OLABS all over the world!

Our proposal is to deliver research publications, feasibility studies, curriculums, assessments and prototyps. Our advisors can be part of workshops, conferences and coaches in current projects.
  • Added Value - for regional need
  • Theory - for well-founded knowledge
  • Methodology - for best practice
Our customers are International, National and Local Government, Industry, NGO and motivated Open Societies.

We apply for fundings! For more details please register or use the contact form!

 OLABS integrates the experience of cutting edge scientific and practical experience in Open Education, Renewable Energy and Open Production. It' s mission is to foster 
  • economical outcome
  • ecological responsibility
  • socio-cultural peace
to empower people in dependent regions to become at least interdependent.

Our knowledge base is open to collaborating partners which are interested in sharing their strength to develop a participatory community.

Balanced "Openess" helps to catch a "bigger beer" or to bake a "bigger cake" and increases the "net profit value". In the result more stakeholders get the possibility to "making the ends meet" for a company or a community.


Our Experience Shows!

We are a interdisciplinairy team of scientists focusing on sustainable development with bottom-up ecology for open-production, open-energy and open-education.

Standing on the shoulders of giants!