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Virtual Communication

We are starting with this new format, because we believe, that future learning is much more interactive then it was so far. Especially in countries that are lacking access to educational programs will get an opportunity to provide knowledge and share their experience with other classmates. We hope that in the future a large number of students will join this course. No one is expected to read every post made within the discussion forums. Rather, read those that seem interesting to you and reply along the way when you can further the conversation. Above all, you are expected to remain civil and treat all other students with respect. Failure to do so will get you removed from the course.

We will use the forums for general information and questions, the website for providing the presentations, videos, recommended readings, quizzes, and assessments.
More details on the tools we use for virtual communication you will find in Virtual Team Communication

Use Google Drive

For the project teams to the different tracks we use Google Drive to provide the templates you can use for your project. 
We recommend to use your private account to share your docs with your team. If you are ready for submission you can just add the following email to the document to provide access to the evaluation team. You will receive direct feedback in the document and the group will have access to it. If you provide a bunch of documents that are related to your project you also can create a folder and grant access  to the whole folder.

For using one of the templates, please use the link and make a copy for yourself or the group.