Welcome to Union High School

Welcome to the Union High School Counseling Department Website

Our school is divided into four buildings, which we refer to as Homebases. Each Homebase has a counselor, seceretary, and student advocate (security guard). Below is a list of counselors based on Homebase and building location:

Marion Landson (Long Term Substitute in the 100 Building)


604-1001 ext. 7309

100 - Leadership and Business Building

Specialty Program Responsibilities

Skills Center


Colleen Schoonover


604-1001 ext. 7359

200 - Engineering Building

Specialty Program Responsibilities

Academy Program Counselor

504 Coordinator

Todd Spike


604-1001 ext. 7426

300 - International Studies Building

Specialty Program Responsibilities

AP Coordinator

Dena Hooser


604-1001 ext. 7459

400 - Visual and Performing Arts Building

Specialty Program Responsibilities

Running Start: Student Last Name A-L

Paige Person --> Long Term Sub: Jenny Zook

Paige.Person@evergreenps.org jennifer.zook@evergreenps.org

604-1001 ext. 7456

400 - Visual and Performing Arts Building

Specialty Program Responsibilities

Special Education

Running Start: Student Last Name M-Z

Katie Riley --> Long Term Sub: Jessie Zeise

Kathleen.Riley@evergreenps.org jessica.zeise@evergreenps.org

604-1001 ext. 5028

500 - Student Center

Specialty Program Responsibilities

Intervention Specialist (Drug and Alcohol)