Evergreen High School Counseling Department

The Evergreen High School Counseling Department strives to meet the diverse needs of all students. We encourage students to be academically, socially, and emotionally successful while fostering community connections. Evergreen High School empowers students to have a "Yes We Can!" attitude and a positive view of the future.

School counselors work with all students, school staff, families and members of the community as an integral part of the education program. We are proud to be Plainsmen and help to build a community of participation, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence.

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Classes are selected and the master schedule is built upon students registering for classes as part of a student’s career path and educational goals.  Students commit to their chosen classes at the time of forecasting.

Students must see their counselor to make schedule changes.

Schedule changes will be considered during the first 5 days of a semester for one of the following reasons ONLY:

  • A required course is needed this year.
  • Skill level/placement is inappropriate.
  • A prerequisite has not been met.
  • The same course was previously passed.
  • Failed the same subject with the same teacher.
  • Scheduling Error (missing periods, double scheduled periods, canceled or newly formed classes).

After the first five days of the semester the following consequences apply:

  1. A student who withdraws from a class between the 6th and 20th day of the semester will receive a 'W' grade posted to transcript.
  2. After the 20th day a 'W' or 'F' may be posted as appropriate.
  3. Any student making a change to a different course from 16 to 50 days into the semester will receive a maximum of .25 credit.


6-20   DAYS


.50 for new class 

 21-50 DAYS

POSTED TO TRANSCRIPT: 'W' unless 'F' is appropriate

Maximum .5 for new class

51+ DAYS

POSTED TO TRANSCRIPT: 'W' unless 'F' is appropriate

Maximum .25 for new class

1st Semester

September 8 – 27

September 28 – November 10

November 16 – January 28

2nd Semester

February 4 – February 25

February 26 - April 8

 After April 8