Welcome To Your Future!

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HeLa High School College and Career Center

Hours are 7:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Located in the Library

We are excited about this school year! We encourage all students and parents to come in and visit. You can now access us on Facebook and check out our Scholarship information.

The Career Center is here to help your student connect what they are learning to the options that are available to them after high school.

Every student attending Hela High School will have the opportunity to use the Career Cruising internet program at www.careercruising.com . This program allows students to assess their interests, research occupations, colleges, universities, or technical schools of their choice and build a personal portfolio. The Career Center staff is available to assist students and parents with this process.

Students will have access to the following information before and after school or during their lunch periods via the Career Center or through the Hela Website:

  • Career Searches
  • Interest & Aptitude Assessments
  • College Information
  • Military Career/Job Options
  • Other Post-Secondary Options
  • Scholarship Information
  • Financial Aid
  • Pre-Employment Assistance
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Work Site Learning
  • Internships
  • Volunteer Opportunities


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College & Career Center Staff:

Career Center Secretary

Carla Schwartz


Career/College Center Guidance Specialists: 

Connie Hennessey   A-K


Mandy Cervantes  L-Z


Partnership Coordinator Worksite Learning (Internships)

Cindy Josephson