Welcome to the 5th grade!

Important Dates 2018-2018

۰ March 12th- Joyce Kilmer Spring Campout Parent Info Meeting 4pm

۰ March 27th & 28th- Exhibition Nights (5th goes on the 28th)

۰May 7th-10th Joyce Kilmer Spring Campout

The 5th Grade Team

Pictures from Our Year

Words Their Way: Look at this week's list here!

The Watsons go to Birmingham- 1963 Reading Schedule

Math Homework scans live here!

Daily Schedule


8:30 Students in Seats with Morning Work8:45 Morning Meeting9:40-9:50 Snack9:50-10:50 Academic Block 10:40-10:50 Academic Block 11:50-12:15 Lunch12:15- 1:00 CREW 1:00-1:15 Clean up & Pack up 1:35 Dismissal


8:30 Students in Seats with Morning Work8:45 Morning Meeting9:00-9:10 Snack9:10- 9:50 Enrichments9:50-10:50 Academic Block 10:50- 11:50 Academic Block 11:50- 12:15 Lunch12:15-1:15 Academic Block 1:15-1:45 Recess 1:45- 2:45 Academic Block 2:45 Clean up & Pack up3:00 Dismissal


*same as Tues-Th schedule before 12:1512:15-12:45 Recess12:50-1:25 Academic Block 1:25-2:00 Academic Block 2:00- 2:45 Study Hall/Activity 2:45 Clean up & Pack up 3:00 Dismissal

Classroom Cordinators

Merissa Walkenstein

Marin Leroy

Tracy Diefenbach

Counseling Corner

Realizing that 5th graders are starting to encounter the changes and challenges of pre-teen years, Kriya Lendzion, our Middle School counselor has also made herself available to 5th grade students and families. While teachers will remain the first responders to student social and emotional needs, if students appear to need more intensive supports or intervention for conflicts or personal concerns, they may be referred to Kriya. Counseling services are free and consent is not required from parents. Please read the attached to understand more about counseling services and procedures, including confidentiality and its limitations.

2nd Trimester Expedition:

Our History

In this expedition, we will explore American History including topics such as the founding of our nation, the Constitution, and the Revolutionary War. We will discover the connections between our lives, our ancestors' lives, and our history. Students will conduct research, plan, write a short historical fiction story and create a realistic artifact.


1. How was our country and government established?

2. What events and persons have shaped the history of our country?

3. How have the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens changed over time?

4. What rights and freedoms are guaranteed to me and all citizens of the United States?

5. What contributions have U.S. citizens made in the fields of science and mathematics?