The picture to the left is Jonathan Michael Coleman. This is the only picture I have of him. He is the one that had taken my babies and is running from the law and has moved to three different states in a 6 month time period. Help me find him and my children before its too late. I tried to do it the legal through courts and authorities. This is my last hope to find them.

This picture here is my daughter Angel she will be 3 years old on November 3rd. Please keep an eye out for her.

This is my daughter with Jonathan (her father).

This picture to the left is my son and daughter playing with toys with each other.

My son Gabriel is eating spaghetti here.

This picture was sent to me by my ex-boyfriend's cousin from last Halloween. This is the most recent picture I have of them.

This picture is a picture of me holding my son at age 6 months old.

Another one of them pictures his cousin had sent me via email.

This here is just a collage of pictures of both my son Gabriel and daughter Angel.

I need help finding my two children that my ex-boyfriend had taken off with last year when I had gone to jail. I went to jail for violation of probation because I was manipulated into moving out of state without letting my probation officer know. I haven't seen my children since June 21, 2009. His family knows where he is and will not tell me. I took care of my babies and he was more worried about himself then anything else. His name is Jonathan Coleman. He is 5 feet 6 inches about 130 pounds, brown eyes, and dark hair. Jonathan is known to be very abusive towards women and children. He has also been diagnosed with bipolar, aspergers, and schizophrenia. Please be on the look out for him. He can do harm to you. I do have my children listed in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. I have to have a lawyer to represent me in court due to it be over a year since I had my children. If anybody has any information regarding the whereabouts of my children please contact me at jennifer.bush@everest.edu or you can find me at Jennifer Humphries@facebook.com.
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