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A harmonious welcome to all visitors and anyone interested in finding out more
 about the joy and beauty of singing in rich 4 part harmony.

The goal of this site is to introduce you to the history of quartet singing in America and it's roots from African American folk music and 19th century immigrants to minstrel shows, barbershop quartets and more recent forms harmonizing called doo-wop and contemporary acapella.

I'm sure that many of you had your interest peaked by being apart of your school or religious institution's chorus or choir. Or perhaps it was sparked by the success of programs and movies like Glee and Pitch Perfect, taking traditional and contemporary songs and arranging them into acapella arrangements that are fresh and enjoyable versions of the originals.  Whatever the reason, a sudden interest in signing in harmony with others has grown not only in the U.S. but across the globe.

Are YOU ready to find out more and grow as a potential vocal performer in this musical tradition? Click on the tabs above to learn more out about the history and the opportunities available to experience the joy and fun of singing traditional and contemporary songs in 4 part harmony as a quartet or as a member of a chorus.

Who knows, YOU may even start the next barbershop or acapella group in your area!

Before we move about the site, a well deserved and proper thank you and acknowledgement are due to the following organizations for providing the facts and information to inform and educate us all about this music and the opportunities for you to participate: