About eventure.org
As the name suggests, eventure.org is a virtual organization created by Harsev Co. for maintaining certain electronic ventures for our customers, such as easily accessible web pages for information sharing and collaboration related to our customer's project among staff at quite distant occasions. Eventure.org uses the unmatched services generously provided to the world by Google, Inc., excellent ideas and applications we at Harsev Co. highly appreciate and recommend. Thanks to the unique Google technology the information published at our eventure.org sites is available to anybody involved anytime at any place in the world at the speed of the Google servers cloud, with guaranteed over 99.99% uptime.
We call an eventure any project to share information at eventure.org, regardless of its subject and size. Such projects are maintained in collaboration with our customers and are related to a broad variety of topics, such as providing a company's general terms of business, general tariffs and product catalog, or even writing a textbook. For each eventure we would run one or more sites at eventure.org. Most of our eventures are commercial projects which contain sensible or even confidential information. The access to these private sites is restricted only to the collaborators personally invited to join the project. But we also have public eventures which are shared with everyone in the world.
For eventure collaborators who join an eventure for the first time we provided detailed istructions how to access their eventure site. Visit our Novice page.

Starting an eventure?
You would have already read the Rules. Go directly to the Authoring page for detailed guidance how to set-up a new eventure site or a page, or check the F.A.Q. page for answers to issues that have been of interest for others before you or, if there was no solution for your problem, mail to magus@eventure.org for help.