1. Select "TI-84 files" in the Navigation Bar (left side of this page)

2. Download the zipped files to your desktop or location you can find 

3. Right click on the zipped file and "extract all"

4. Locate the new, unzipped folder with the two files 

5. Double-click the "wabbitemu.exe" to run

4. When the "Wabbitemu Setup" window opens, browse for .rom file you downloaded 
    & select the "ti84s3.rom" 

5. Select the ti84s3.rom and click "open"

6. Select "Finish"

6. When the Wabbitemu screen opens, click "view" and "enable skin"

7. To create a desktop shortcut to the calculator:
    right-click the rabbit icon in the folder and "Send To"> "Desktop (create shortcut)"

8. The Wabbitemu will show up on your desktop! Click and run to enjoy your calculator!

Reminder: Do not delete the unzipped folder with the Wabbitemu and ti84s3.rom files!