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Get to Know Mrs. Romans

Who am I?  A wife, mother, teacher, student of life, singer, wedding officiant, Reiki practitioner, Rincon's Kids Cabaret singing club coordinator, and someone who can appreciate the amazing qualities of my students.   I will continue to change this page to give some insights about myself.  

Here is a short introduction.

My husband Ben and I joined our daughter Madeira with our new son Dean on their wedding day.  The first pic is Madeira with her Papa Ben.

The next is our daughters Aurora (Rory) and Morgan, Madeira's husband Dean, Madeira and Rory's husband Jose.  

 The third pic is of Rory, our son Kenny, one of their young cousins and Kenny's wife, Michelle (Shelly).  


I am now a grandmother as Madeira and Dean's marriage gave me my first grandson, Dean's son, Grey who is a senior in high school this year.  

On a professional note, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Studies from CSU San Marcos in 2000 with honors in a special field of Sociology.  

I received my teaching credential from CSU San Marcos in 2001.  My credential program included an emphasis in the 
education of middle school students.  I also received supplementary authorizations in English and Social Studies.

I am so looking forward to my thirteenth year at Rincon as a Humanities teacher with two new groups of wonderful students.