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I am committed to providing students, parents, and guardians with a welcoming learning environment where students will play a major role in their own learning and future.  Students, parents, and guardians may access homework schedules, class handouts, and other class information through this site.  

Sixth Grade Literature/Language Arts Overview

Structured Independent Reading (SIR) weekly of personal choice literature.  
Daily log of in class and homework reading and weekly reading response journaling.  
Required Weekly Parent Signatures in students' Reading Journals.  
Leveled reading groups. Reading conferences.  Individual reading growth goal conferences.
Individualized intervention identified for personal writing growth.  
Grammar lessons: group and individual.  
Writer’s workshops to provide time and choice in their writing and to practice the craft
Exploring mentor text for writing craft to express their thoughts as emerging writers
Response to academic writing prompts using effective expository and argument techniques

Sixth Grade Power Literacy Overview-

Working on skills that will:
use text features to access the text prior to reading 
make educated preview statements of text prior to reading 
use analysis of text identifying main ideas, supporting details, thesis statements and arguments 
utilize the craft used in informational text, argument text, and narrative text 

Sixth Grade Social Studies Overview-Study of the physical and cultural development of early humans, the agricultural revolution,  the effect of geographic features and climate on the earliest civilizations, the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Kush, Israel, India, China, Greece, and Rome.   

All students will work to be proficient in the sixth grade Language Arts, Literature, and Social Studies standards.  Success will only be achieved by hard work and dedication on the part of the teacher, the students, and parents.

Mrs. Vina Romans, Sixth Grade Humanities
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Recent Announcements

It was wonderful meeting all of you who came to Back to School Night.  Thanks for showing your support for your child at Rincon!

Parent, Teacher, and Student Conferences dates are October 17th and 18th..  I'm looking forward to meeting with you.  I will update this message with the time teachers will be available to meet with you.  You and your child will meet with all four of your child's teachers.  You should be seen in order of signing in.  

Should a teacher have many people waiting to speak with them, you may go to another of your child's classrooms to see if the lines are shorter.  Conferences are no longer than 15 minutes.  If a phone or email conference is your only option, please contact me.  My email address and contact numbers are above.  The best days for a phone conference are Mondays and Tuesdays after school and Wednesdays after 3:30.   

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