Cue 2014
Come and Play With the PSA   Click Here
Are you looking to integrate video production into your new Common Core curriculum? Then it's time to play with the PSA. Public Service Announcements are the perfect way to get your students to use their critical thinking skills while they dive into pertinent information and explore a meaningful call to action. The PSA is a persuasive video that can be created for any core subject.

Cue 2012
Video Production....Pfffft, it's just an elective class... Click Here
Come listen to the inspirational story of a teacher who uses video production and PSAs as a tool for 100% engagement in her classroom. Teaching in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Diego County (over 96% free & reduced lunch) hasn't deterred her students from earning critical acclaim at San Diego County's Innovative Video in Education Awards. Her program is driven by the passion her student shave for their craft and the messages they send in their award winning public service announcements. 

Resources I use in my classroom
Use this to connect and communicate with all of your students; keep track of grading; promote healthy competition (take polls of the class videos that the students think are the best!); Offer positive reinforcement to students.
Use the videos on this site as teaching and learning examples.  Also use the categories as video project prompts.
Again, use the videos on this site as teaching and learning examples.  There are some great competitions on this site as well.