February March 27th-31st

Dear Parents,
   Here is our week at a glance....

Language Arts-Unit 8 Week "Weather and Seasons"

Shared Readings:  "How is the Weather?" 
                               "A Rainy Day Picnic"

Mentor Read Aloud:  "The Coolest Vacation"
                                  "The Great Blizzard"
Letter of the Week-Vv

Sight Words to practice at home: I like see my the
we go no to she is can a me play you of and was with said do for has have he what are here this look come little jump big saw two put want her name any who

**If your child is able to read the words already, please help them learn how to spell them.

Genre-Informational Text
           Realistic Fiction

Question Words-Who What When Where Why How
Noun-person, place or thing

Verb-Action Words

Cause and Effect

Writing-All sentences start with a capital letter.  Students need to know the difference between a word and a letter. 
We will be focusing on writing about key details that have happened in stories, as well as the beginning, middle and end of stories.

Students need to be able to write two complete sentences. This week we will be focusing on-
Key Details
Story Events
Descriptive Sentences
Comparison/Contrast Text  

Segmenting words (sounding out words)-Students should be able to sound out words and blend the sounds together to make a word.


Adding ed to a word, makes it past tense.
Adding s to a word, makes it plural.

Color Words-read and recognize them

Base Words-talking walking talked walked

Shapes-name and draw them 
Circle, Square, Special Rectangle, Rectangle, Triangle, Hexagon, Cylinder, Sphere, Cube, Cone
Know how many sides, and corners the shapes have. Know what a curve is.

Math- Module 4 Number Pairs, Addition and 
          Subtraction to 10
Lesson 15-Represent decomposition and composition addition stories to 8 with drawings and equations with no unknown.

Lesson 16-Solve add to with result unknown word problems to 8 with equations.  Box the unknown.

Lesson 17-Solve put together with total unknown word problems to 8 using objects and drawings.

Lesson 18-Solve both addends unknown word problems to 8 to find addition patterns in number pairs.

Lesson 19-Use objects and drawings to find how many are left?

Have a great week!

Mrs. Camejo