Welcome to Room 10's Classroom Information Page!

What will we be learning?

August and September -
Review of Kindergarten skills and an introduction to our new first grade Language Arts Curriculum.

In math, we will be reviewing counting and addition skills, then jumping right into our first grade "Engage New York" curriculum. 

Room 10's University is
the University of Houston - We are the Cougars!


I look forward to meeting all of our new first graders.  School starts on Wednesday, August 16th.  Our first bell rings at 8:07.  Before school, students should hand their backpack on a hook right outside our door and put any other belongings on the shelf above the hooks.  All students should go to the playground before the bell rings.  When the bell rings, our students should line up on the blacktop where the "10" is painted.  I will then pick up the class and walk them to our classroom.  We have been asked to remind everyone to not wait in the hallways by the rooms - go to the playground.  There is adult supervision on the playground starting at 7:45 every morning.

If possible, please plan to spend 15-20 minutes with us Wednesday morning.  After walking the class to our room, I will read a nice story that hopefully will help both your child and you feel better about being separated again.  It would also be nice if you could help your child find his/her desk and put supplies in the right places.