Welcome to 3rd Grade at L.R Green Elementary!

Learning this month (October/ November)

ELA Theme-

           How Characters Shape a Story
          skills- character analysis, morals in text, identifying           genre features, key details

Writing - Summary, Opinion, Fables

Grammar - long e, long i, compound words, concrete/             abstract nouns, verb tenses, subject/ verb agreement

Math - Module 2 Measuring Time and Volume
               Adding and subtracting within 1,000

Social Studies - Unit 1  California Regions and Resources

Donation Wish List:
30 Class Ipads
Red convertible
 "Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember;
involve me and I’ll understand."  Chinese Proverb
"Success is the sum of small efforts,
repeated day in and day out."
  Robert Collier