School Schedule
  School Begins:                 8:10                  

  Recess:              10:00 - 10:20   

  Lunch:                11:45 - 12:30
  Dismissal:                         2:30  (Thursday: 1:30)

Contact:  cnichols@eusd.org
           (760) 432-2260

Daily at home reading of 20-30 minutes is expected. Students keep track of their reading on the reading log provided each week. 

We will have daily math homework, Monday through Thursday.  Usually this will be the Homework page, front and back, plus any work on the Problem Set not completed during the class time allotted.  The Problem Set page usually mirrors the Homework page and is with the Homework page for reference.  Students should not spend more than 30 minutes on math homework each night. If your child is not done after 30 minutes, a parent should sign the homework and have the child turn it in as is.

In order to prevent students from falling behind, students will be responsible for completing any assigned classwork at home if not completed in the class time allotted.  Students will generally be provided until the following Monday to complete any missed work.

In order to support parents and not undermine their authority, all consequences for missing homework will be given at home, by the parent.  I will notify you via email when your child misses a homework assignment so that you can speak to your child and provide an appropriate consequence (loss of TV, computer, iPod, iPad; extra chores, etc.).

Band will be on Tuesdays, during class time.  Any student choosing to join band will be required to makeup missed classwork and instruction at home.  It is the student's responsibility to request missed work and turn it in the next day.

School Supplies

* 1 standard pencil box (2"X5"X8" - no huge pencil boxes!)
* 36 pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga only)
* 1 box crayons (max. 16 count)
* 1 box color pencils (max. 12 count)
* 2 regular erasers
* 12 pencil top erasers
* 2 boxes facial tissue
* Ear buds (1 pair - available at the 99 Cent Store) 
Ideally, supplies should be brought on the first day of school.
Optional, but helpful:
Small prizes for our prize machine (fit inside a 2" capsule)
Disinfectant wipes
Compass Learning
website: http://thelearningodyssey.com
Compass Learning student login is student's lunch number; the password is 12345; the school code is lrges.  Parent login is the same except you need to add a P in front of the student's lunch number.

Reading A to Z (RAZ)


Select students are enrolled in Reading A to Z (RAZ). Click above to login; then click on Kids Login; teacher name is nichols4. Student selects his/her name and uses his/her lunch number as the password.

Accelerated Reader


Trimester 1 cutoff date: 11-02-18
Trimester 2 cutoff date: 02-22-19
Trimester 3 cutoff date: 05-17-19

*Goals are based on your child's reading level and should be easily met by reading 20 minutes per day at home.
To check AR at home, use the above link. 

Field Trips
(all dates and costs are tentative

San Diego Zoo
Date: October 2 (bus) (confirmed)
Cost: $0

San Diego Natural History Museum 
Date: October 26 (confirmed)
Cost: $8 students   $8 adults*

Rancho Buena Vista & Mission San Luis Rey
Date: Feb. 1
Cost: $16 students   $4 adults
Old Town San Diego & Mormon Battalion
Date: April 3
Cost: $8 students   $8 adults

Star of India (overnight)
Date: May 31- June 1 (confirmed)

Cost: $76 student
         $37 adult (very limited spots)

Daily Class Schedule

08:10-10:00    Run lap / Class Meeting / Math
10:00-10:20    Recess
10:20-11:45    Language Arts (room 25)
12:30-01:30    PE (Tue., Fri.); Library (Mon.); Art (Thu.);
01:30-02:30    Science/Social Studies 

Schedule Exceptions:
01:30              Thu.     Early Dismissal  
08:10-08:30    Fri.       Blacktop Assembly 
02:00-02:30    Fri.       PE

Every day involves some sort of physical activity, including running.  Please ensure that your child has appropriate footwear.  If for any reason your child cannot participate, please send a note.  Unless a child has a note, it is assumed that you feel your child is feeling healthy enough to participate.