May 2012

Week of May 21- review week

                Working towards AR goals
                       May 25th

A great big thank you to our volunteers this year:
                    Mrs. Dunford
                    Mrs. Martinez
                    Mrs. Marlow
                    Mrs. Hinojosa
                    Mr. Blatchley

      MATH -  practice here
              Addition and Subtraction Strategies.
Students should be practicing addition and subtraction
math facts until they're mastered.  Please let me know if you need flash cards.

MATH Unit of study:  time 


Science:  The human body




Class Wish List:

• Kleenex
• Treasure Box "treasures"
• #2 Ticonderoga pencils
•  Hand sanitizer

2nd Trimester AR Goals
                    Check your child's progress by clicking on AR    
                              HomeConnect (far left column).

Major Market    
Please send in any Major Market receipts you
have. L. R. Green gets a percentage of the receipt's total.This is ongoing so please remember us throughout the year as you shop.  Thank You.

Library - Monday of each week.  Please have all library books returned no later than Monday morning.