Laura M. Chavarin
Spanish Teacher
Bear Valley Middle School
3003 Bear Valley Pkwy.
Escondido, CA 92025
760.432.4060 ext.114

For students who need extra help, or need to catch up after an absence, please see me before or after school. 

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Spanish~Course Descriptions

Spanish I

Course description


Spanish I is a yearlong Spanish course designed to prepare 8th grade students for Spanish at the high school level.  In this course, students learn basic conversational skills, basic Spanish vocabulary and two verb tenses, the present tense and simple future tense.  They also learn about Latin American culture such as ancient Mexican arts, traditional Latin Music and dance.  


Spanish Explore

Course description


The Spanish Explore class is part of Bear Valley’s trimester wheel.  By means of music, art, movies and games, students are exposed to beginning conversational Spanish as well as basic vocabulary and Latin American countries and capitals.


Spanish for Spanish Speakers

Course description


Spanish for Spanish Speakers is a yearlong course designed to increase fluency and understanding in reading and accuracy in writing the Spanish language through use of Hispanic Literature.  Emphasis is placed on grammar and spelling.  Spanish grammar and English grammar are compared in order to promote transfer from one language to the other.

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