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Our Month at a Glance...
Since our class is individualized depending upon each student's individual education program (IEP) goals, please refer to your child's IEP for specific goals that he/she will be working on for the year. In addition to specific goals, your student will be working on maintaining skills he/she has previously learned, and learning new skills through themed lessons.
What are we learning?
May: outer space
Students will work on learning ordinal position, colors, spacial concepts and prepositions as we talk about things in outer space.
Vocabulary: planet, sun, astronaut, star, rocket, high, low, up, down, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, behind, infront, beside, in, out, next to, big, little, etc...
Functional Academics: (functional academic goals for each student are specific according to IEP goals but the class as a whole works on the following skills)
  • Math: counting, number recognition, colors, shapes, calendar skills
  • Language Arts: letters and sounds, functional sight words/reading, picture identification, following 1 and 2 step directions, language/communication development, listening to a story, answering simple questions
  • Science/social studies: students work on science activities depending upon monthly themes.
  • Art: students use various art forms to create projects that help build understanding of the theme of the month and increase vocabulary
  • Fine motor:  increasing finger strength, using a pincer grasp, using a tri-pod grasp to hold writing tools, scissor skills-cutting and snipping paper, snapping, buttoning, zipping, coloring in lines, tracing/writing
  • Social skills: sharing toys, taking turns, following game rules, following rules on playground, learning to play appropriately with toys and peers, using appropriate greetings with peers and adults
  • Self-Help: develop independence. Students are encouraged to be as independent as possible during their school day.
  • Pre-Vocational: following class and/or individual schedules, completing assigned tasks, chores, following class and school rules
  • Leisure Skills: students work on developing leisure skills (i.e. activities that they enjoy doing and can do so independently for at least 5 minutes)




Classroom needs:
The following is a list of items the classroom continuously needs if you can donate items from this list it would be greatly appreciated:
  • hand sanitizer
  • tissues
  • picture books/magazines
  • small toys for our prize box (happy meal toys are the best)
  • blank DVDs (used to burn copies of class videos)
Our class won an innovation grant. The project is called icommunicate. This project offers the students access to an ipad and communication app that allows students to touch a picture and produce verbal output. We have begun working on this new communication skill and the students are all very excited to use the program. Most students have been using the app to communicate during our morning breakfast group and during morning circle. The students love the opportunity to share what they know using the talking app. 

Thank You Escondido Education foundation for selecting our project!

Upcoming Events:
April 29th-May 17th CAPA testing. Please make sure your students have a good night sleep and are well rested for state testing.
May 16th Art on the Green. Come see all the work your student has been doing in class. Your child will also have an art project showcased in the auditorium at the school.
May 27th Memorial Day
May 31st class "thank you" party for all of our reverse mainstream friends.
What your child should bring to school everyday...
  • backpack (not preschool sized). Your child will need a backpack to carry extra clothes, diapers, books, and a communication folder
  • extra pair of clothes: please send in an extra pair of clothes that can either stay in your child's backpack or that we can keep at school in case your child has an accident.
  • diapers/pull-ups: if your student is in diapers/pull-ups during the day, please send in at least 3 diapers a day. We will take these out each day and place them in our bathroom. If you would rather, you can send in a pack of diapers and I will let you know when we are running low. If your child is in underwear, please send in a couple extra pairs of underwear in case of an accident.
  • wipes: a box of baby wipes. We will keep the box in the bathroom and I will let you know when your student is running low on wipes so that you can send in more.
  • Communication folder: the communication folder is an essential part of home-school communication. I will let you know how your student behaved during the school day, activities that your child participated in for the day, and send home fliers and information about upcoming events in the folder. Please check the folder each day when your child comes home and discuss his/her school behavior with him/her.