I am so excited to spend this school year together!

I am a mother of three young men 25, 21, and 15 who have attended LR Green.
I have been happily married for 30 years.
I live in Escondido.
I received my BA from UCLA in Fine Arts and my add on Science Credential from UCSD.
I have a K-6 Multiple Subject Credential, GATE Credential, BCLAD in Spanish, and a Science Credential for K-8.
I have taught in Public Schools for 32 years.
I have been at LR Green for 8 years in 4th Grade.
I have taught 3rd Grade, 1st Grade, Kindergarten, ESL Classes, Bilingual Classes, and Fine Art Classes.
I am a member of the District Project Live Video Group and the  iRead iPad Group.
I believe that all students can learn and grow and add meaningful information to our class.
We are all, including me, members of a learning community that work together to achieve our greatest potential.
I believe that technology is a useful tool to make learning more efficient and interesting and is a necessary tool for future success.
I believe that students can become self advocates with support.
I believe in choice and individual expression where appropriate on assignments.
I believe that all students can achieve grade level goals and beyond.
I welcome parent and grandparent help and communication.

I am here to serve.

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