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For the week of.... October 5th

Please check your child's green planner and green folder daily for homework and updates. Your child will receive a ticket for a parent signature on the homework.
What are we studying?
Math - Engage New York Module 2  Multiplication and Area

Social Studies - Land and Water in Your Area

Spelling - Please see the third grade packet sent home on Monday. Each Monday, your child's packet will have the new spelling pattern and two new sight words. There will be a couple of assignments to complete throughout the week and turn in on Friday. Your child will be tested on the spelling pattern of the week, not on a memorized list of words.

                       3rd trimester AR goals:

           (Please refer to your child's AR Goal chart which will be sent               home soon.)

                           1. 85%(all students)
                           2. 1 point each week
                           3. Book Level(individual)