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Memory Songs

Most students memorize and retain information better when using mnemonic devices. I have embraced this learning technique because personal experience shows that memorization through song engages students. Former students tell me they still remember the songs they learned in middle school. Most students will embrace this type of learning with proper encouragement and teacher modeling.

  • Musical Recall Hits is an album produced by Tim Pacific that contains the US Capitals SongUS Presidents Song, and other learning songs. Instrumental versions are included with Pacific's albums.
  • Declaration Song was produced Jack Boyd and his daughter Stephy Boyd using the exact words of the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence.
  • AudioMemory has produced many musical learning CDs, including a Geography CD that takes students through a journey of countries, regions, and continents of the world. Popular songs include Southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia.