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10 Most American-Made Cars Of 2012 Jason Notte showcases the top ten American-built automobiles.  July 2, 2012 The Street Trade National  
10 things you didn't know about Bill Gates Charlie White explores information about the founder of Microsoft and his future philanthropic goals. The article pulls information from a June 11Mail Online interview by Caroline Graham. June 13, 2011 CNN Philanthropy National Sociology 
12 Chinese officials fired in kidnapping scandal Sharon Lafraniere alleges numerous family planning officials have illegally seized children in Longhui, China.  September 30, 2011 San Francisco Gate Tyranny World  
2016 Primary Calendar and Results Wilson Andrews, Kitty Bennett, and Alicia Parlapiano share the results of the 2016, 2012, and 2008 presidential primaries. January 29, 2016 New York Times Elections National Political 
4 Ways Congress Sought to Change or Scrap the Electoral College  Fred Lucas examines the 12th Amendment and proposals such as a "Lottery President," "Executive Committees," and "Direct Popular Vote." December 18, 2016 Daily Signal Electoral College National Civics 
5 Pointz Developer Who Whitewashed Artists' Murals Forced to Pay Them $6.7 Million Katherine McGrath provides information about this warehouse in Queens, New York City and how a civil jury made a decision against the developer David Wolkoff.  February 13, 2018 Architectural Digest Property Rights National Political 
6 so-called vices banned by Iran's morality police Squirt guns, kindergarten dancing, skiing, ankle unveilings, chic clothes, and Barbie are regulated and often considered immoral in Iran. January 18, 2012 The Week Tyranny World  
A bipartisan betrayal of trust Wesley Pruden offers an analysis of the top-secret trade bill that President Obama believes is his greatest legacy of his second term June 4, 2015 Washington Times federal government National  
Abolish the Secret Ballot Sasha Issenberg explains possible reasons for the decline in voter turnout on Election Day. June 19, 2012 The Atlantic Voting National  
A Comedy Team in Mexico Takes the Law Into Its Own Hands Azam Ahmed and Paulina Villegas explain how comedians are trying to shame Mexican public officials into fixing local and national problems. March 3, 2016 New York Times Corruption World Economics 
A Coup Against the Constitution A Coup Against the Constitution James Wallner explains how the Senate has the authority to accept or not accept a presidential appointment to federal seats. November 7, 2016 Daily Signal Senate Confirmations National Political 
Across California, Parents Face Collective Wail of 'Big Kids' Pui-Wing Tam explains how children in California must remain in a car seat until they are 8 years old or 4-feet-9 inches tall. December 29, 2011 WSJ Regulation State Political 
After a Deal, British Chocolates Won’t Cross the Pond Tatiana Schlossbergjan explains the conflict between British and American culture over Cadbury and Hershey's chocolates February 23, 2015 New York Times Trade World  
Ai Weiwei vs. Lego: Chinese artist takes on toy company David Ng explains how Lego does not recommend artists using their creative toys as a form of political expression. oct 27 October 27, 2015 LA Times Freedom of Expression World  
ALL CAPS? Not OK on road signs, federal government says Larry Copeland describes the showdown between federal and State governments. October 21, 2010 USA TODAY Regulation National Political 
Amazon is doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers Matthew Yglesias discusses how digital books are changing the way books are now sold. October 22, 2014 Vox Business National Economics 
Anti-Muhammad cartoon contest: Free speech or deliberately provocative  Harry Bruinius explores the topic of free speech by examining an anti-Muhammad contest. May 4, 2015 The Christian Science Monitor  Free Speech National  
Apple court papers: FBI is seeking 'dangerous power' that violates its constitutional rights Joel Rubin, Maura Dolan and James Queally explain some of the legal arguments made from Apple about the First and Fifth Amendments. February 25, 2016 LA Times Fifth Amendment National  
Apple vs. FBI: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, John McAfee and more are taking stands Samantha Masunaga shares a number of statements made by other large technology companies about privacy and security. February 23, 2016 LA Times Privacy National  
Are members of Congress becoming telemarketers?  04/2Norah O'Donnel interviews Florida Representative David Jolly, who explains how members of Congress raise money. April 24, 2016 CBS News Congress National Political 
As Our Jobs Are Automated, Some Say We'll Need A Guaranteed Basic Income Queena Kim interviews Misha Chellam about how tech companies are replacing workers increasingly with computers. September 24, 2016 NPR Technology National Economics 
Attack of the Food Police: Why the government has no business banning Happy Meals Steve Chapman explores issues about dietary freedom. November 8, 2010 Reason Regulation State  
'Ballot Selfies' Clash With The Sanctity Of Secret Polling Josh Rogers explores issues some government officials have with voters sharing their ballots with people through social media platforms. February 27, 2015 NPR Voting National  
Berkeley protests of Yiannopoulos caused $100,000 in damage Madison Park and Kyung Lah show how some students used violence to protest the free speech rights of Milo Yiannopoulos. February 2, 2017 CNN Free Speech National Civics 
Bernie Sanders Defends 'Democratic Socialist' Label William Gallo explains how some Americans see the concept of socialism as too radical. November 20, 2015 Voice of America Socialism National Economics 
Bill Gates Raises A Glass To (And Of) Water Made From Poop This article explains how the Janicki Omniprocessor can take human waste and purify it into clean water. January 10, 2015 NPR Technology World  
Bi-racial granddaughter of Nazi portrayed in 'Schindler's List' reveals the horrifying moment she discovered her ancestry after being given up for adoption Lydia Warren explains how Jennifer Teege discovered that SS Commander Amon Goeth was her grandfather. March 25, 2015 Daily Mail Tyranny National  
Borderlands Books in SF announces closure, cites minimum wage increase Michael Barba explains how a minimum wage increase caused a bookstore to close. February 2, 2015 San Francisco Examiner Minimum Wage State  
Boy's trans-Atlantic text, fast police work save 15 migrants Gregory Katz reports how a basic cellphone helped rescue refugees from a truck in Leicestershire. April 8, 2016 Yahoo News Immigration World Political 
Brooklyn Man Gets 7 Years In Prison For Robbing Teen Of Sneakers, iPhone This story examines the consequences of stealing property. September 18, 2013 CBS New York Property National  
Calif. Bill Banning State Sale Of Confederate Flag Passes This CBS Los Angeles report discusses this potential legislation and issues of freedom of expression. May 5, 2014 CBS Los Angeles Freedom of Expression State  
California Marks the First Fred Korematsu Day Ling Woo Liu provides details about how Fred Korematsu stood against Franklin Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066 that mandated rounding up and incarcerating 120,000 Japanese-Americans and placing them into incarceration camps within the United States.  January 30, 2011 Time Civil Rights State  
California NAACP seeks to abolish ‘Star-Spangled Banner,’ calling it ‘racist’ Valerie Richardson explains some of the background about the National Anthem and how some view it as a racist document. November 16, 2017 Washington Times Star-Spangled Banner National Political 
California Seeing Brown Where Green Used to Be Jennifer Medina describes the worst drought Californians have ever experienced. February 13, 2014 New York Times Drought State Political 
California voters approve an effort to speed up the death penalty with Prop. 66 Jazmine Ulloa and Julie Westfall report that 51.3% of Californians voted in favor of this proposition. November 22, 2016 LA Times Death Penalty State Political 
Catalonia vice president says Spain has given region no choice but to declare 'new republic' Caroline Mortimer reports that 90 percent of this region supports independence.  October 25, 2017 Independent Secession World Political 
Census 2010: Gains and Losses in Congress This interactive map shows congressional seat changes every decade from 1920 to 2010.  December 21, 2010 New York Times Census National Political 
China denounces ‘Hong Konger’ trend This article describes reasons people in Hong Kong do not feel part of mainland China and Chinese culture. January 10, 2012 Washington Post Freedom World Political 
China jails dissident 10 years for "subversive" essays Chris Buckley describes how a court in China sentenced on Monday a veteran dissident, Chen Xi, to 10 years in jail for subversion. December 26, 2011 Reuters Freedom of Expression World  
China says U.S. warship violated its South China Sea sovereignty Reuters explains background about maritime international law and poses questions about who owns the sea. January 20, 2018 Yahoo News China World Political 
China Sentences Activist in Milk Scandal to Prison Andrew Jacobs shows how the judicial system works in China.  October 10, 2010 NY Times Judicial World  
Chinese Dissident Lands at Cato Institute With a Caution to Colleges Tamar Lewin discusses the lack of academic freedom within Chinese universities.  February 9, 2014 New York Times Freedom of Expression World  
Chinese Officials Seized and Sold Babies, Parents Say Sharon Lafraniere exposes examples of Chinese family planning officials stealing babies from their families. August 4, 2011 New York Times Tyranny World  
Churches receive stormwater fee discounts by starting ‘green’ ministries, sermons Arelis R. Hernandez explains Maryland's rain tax on properties within the state. November 16, 2014 Washington Post Taxation National  
Cities Have a Good Idea? Not Unless the State Says So. Adam Edelman shares information about how states are passing laws that require counties and cities to act as mere administrative units. October 1, 2017 NBC News federalism National Political 
College for All Would Set Many Up for Trouble Neal McCluskey explains the danger of offering college to all Americans. January 15, 2015 Real Clear Education Academics National  
Colleges, Employers Demand Access to Applicants' Facebook Accounts Tierney CcAfee explores the privacy argument in the modern technological world. March 6, 2012 NBC Privacy National  
Congress hands Obama first veto override Seung Min Kim reports that Congress passed legislation that allows families of the September 11, 2001 attacks to sue the nation of Saudi Arabia.  September 28, 2016 Politico Executive National Civics 
Convenience Store Owner Stands Firm Against Outrageous IRS Money Grab, and the IRS Blinks  Jacob Sullum explains how the IRS uses forfeiture laws and how Americans are fighting against these civil right violations. May 14, 2015 Reason Civil Rights National  
Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans' text messages Declan McCullagh explains how police agencies would like cell phone companies to retain all text messages in case of criminal activity. December 3, 2012 Cnet Privacy National  
Cops With Machine Guns: How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police Arthur Rizer and Joseph Hartmannov explain how "over the past 10 years, law enforcement officials have begun to look and act more and more like soldiers." November 7, 2011 The Atlantic Law Enforcement National  
Court allows agents to secretly put GPS trackers on cars This article claims that "Law enforcement officers may secretly place a GPS device on a person's car without seeking a warrant from a judge, according to a recent federal appeals court ruling in California." Add item August 27, 2010 CNN Privacy National  
Crackdown on Protests by Hong Kong Police Draws More to the Streets Chris Buckley and Alan Wong showcase the struggle against China's despotism upon the freedom-loving island controlled by China. September 28, 2014 New York Times Free Assembly World Political 
Cubans begin to enjoy making money Mary Murray describes how difficult it is for Cubans to make "money without breaking the law." May 6, 2011 MSNBC Regulation National  
Cuba to Cut State Jobs in Tilt Toward Free Market Jose De Cordoba and Nicholas Casey provide details about the differences between free markets and communism. September 14, 2010 Wall Street Journal Free Markets World  
D.C. Votes Overwhelmingly To Become 51st State Rebecca Hersher explains how 79 percent of voters in D.C. voted on a ballot measure to petition Congress to become the 51st state. November 9, 2016 NPR Statehood National Civics 
Declaration Of Independence, Rare Original Copy, Found In British National Archives is an  Gregory Katz explains how a new copy of the document was recently discovered. August 2, 2009 AP Declaration of Independence World History 
Democratic Elector May Upset Election Process by Refusing to Vote Clinton Elura Nanos discusses the possibility of "faithless electors" within the Electoral College.  November 7, 2016 LawNewz Electoral College National Civics 
Despair and Anger as Puerto Ricans Cope With Debt Crisis Lizette Alvarez explains how this territory of the United States might need to declare bankruptcy. July 3, 2015 New York Times Debt National Economics 
Development fees to rise dramatically in Escondido J. Harry Jones explains the new fees that new housing and commercial developers will now pay in Escondido.  December 23, 2016 San Diego Union Tribune Regulation Local Economics 
Did Confederate Memorial Day close government offices in your state today? Laura Santhanam provides details about states that celebrate a holiday that memorializes soldiers of the Confederacy.  April 27, 2015 PBS Civil War National History 
Disruptions: The Holodeck Begins to Take Shape Nick Bilton describes new technologies that may bring science fiction ideas into household experiences.  January 26, 2014 New York Times Blogs Technology National  
Do Apes Deserve ‘Personhood’ Rights? Lawyer Heads to N.Y. Supreme Court to Make Case Kalhan Rosenblatt explains that Steve Wise has for 25 years argued that animals should have some rights of autonomy. March 14, 2017 NBC News Rights National Economics 
Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan Kenneth Schortgen Jr describes how the American dollar is no longer the oil reserve currency of the world as of September 6th. September 12, 2012 Examiner Currency World Economics 
Drought shaming targets wealthy California water wasters who have lush lawns Michael Walsh explains how some Californians are reacting to government demands to cut water usage. May 19, 2015 Yahoo News Regulation State  
Earth Hour: A Dissent Ross McKitrick explains how electricity has actually made the world a better place. March 17, 2011 Watts Up with That Regulation National  
Elon Musk's SpaceX launches megarocket with his own Tesla vehicle on board Erin Dooley and Gina Sunseri report on the successful launch of Falcon Heavy. February 7, 2018 ABC News Creativity National Economics 
Eminent domain abuse hurts America: Column Scott Bullock and Dana Berliner explain how this power of government is still abused in some states. February 23, 2015 USA Today Eminent Domain National Political 
Emotional Scars Of Modern Slavery Run 'Deeper Than Any Visible Wound'  Linda Poon describes how men, women, and children are trapped into forms of modern day slavery. February 24, 2015 NPR Slavery World  
Employees lose vacation time amid minimum wage increase Michael Konopasek reports on the impact of the minimum wage increase to $11 an hour in Seattle. April 2, 2015 KING 5 News Regulation National  
ESCONDIDO: 20 homes jeopardized by Bear Valley widening project David Garrick writes about a local example of how eminent domain, a power granted to government for public use by the Fifth Amendment, affects people. February 27, 2009 U-T San Diego Eminent Domain Local Political 
Facebook admits social media threat to democracy Rob Lever identifies some steps that Facebook is making to ensure the trustworthiness of news sources. January 22, 2018 Digital Journal Free Expression National Political 
Facing Severe Food Shortages, Venezuela Pushes Urban Gardens John Otis reports that President Madura continues to promote socialist economic policies, even while his nation faces a "food emergency." February 16, 2016 NPR Venezuela World Economics 
FAU student, 16, to receive college, then high school diploma Scott Travis reports how Grace Bush was able to graduate college before high school.  May 1, 2014 Sun Sentinel Academics National  
FBI Director Wants Congress to Tackle Phone Encryption Angela Moscaritolo explores how "FBI Director James Comey is again speaking out about phone encryption technology." October 16, 2014 PC Mag Privacy National  
Federal judge finds right to bear arms not limited to home, Md. handgun law unconstitutional This article shows a recent example about how the Second Amendment allows an individual the right to keep and bear arms. March 5, 2012 Washington Post Right to Keep and Bear Arms National  
Few in Venezuela Want Bolívars, but No One Can Spare a Dime By  William Neuman and Patricia Torres provide numerous examples of how worthless Venezuela's currency has become.  October 18, 2015 New York Times  Inflation World  
Fidel Castro is dead, but Cubans want some of his policies to continue  Nick Miroff reports how many Cubans survive by working in the black market. December 2, 2016 Washington Post Cuba World Economics 
Florida school shooting: The latest Sun Sentinel staff reports how some students are demanding a discussion with their elected officials about gun control. February 21, 2018 Sun Sentinel Right to bear Arms National Political 
For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II In 1978 Mike Dash describes how "Soviet geologists prospecting in the wilds of Siberia discovered a family of six, lost in the taiga." January 28, 2013 Smithsonian Teachers Freedom of Religion World  
Former Facebook Workers Confess: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News Bre Payton shares a Gizmodo story about how Facebook attempted to push liberal biases into their agenda. May 9, 2016 The Federalist News National Political 
Former President Barack Obama summoned for jury duty in Chicago  CBS reports that previous presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were also called to jury duty. November 8, 2017 CBS News Jury Duty National Civics 
France FN leader Le Pen to stand trial over Muslim prayer row Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's far-right National Front, has been ordered to stand trial for charges similar to hate speech. September 22, 2015 BBC Freedom of Expression World  
France waves discreet goodbye to 75 percent super-tax This article explains how the massive tax has caused numerous problems within the country. December 23, 2013 Reuters Taxation World  
French star Depardieu ditches France for Putin's Russia This article describes how high taxes led Gerard Depardieu to emigrate from France to Russia.  January 2, 2014 CNN Taxation World  
From a Few Iraqis, a Word to Libyans on Liberation Michael Schmidt interviews Iraqis about the challenges involved in creating a new government.  August 29, 2011 New York Times Government World  
From China, an end run around U.S. tariffs Andrew Higgins explains how Chinese merchants have moved to other Asian countries like Vietnam to avoid high American tariffs on furniture. May 9, 2011 Washington Post Trade World  
George Washington named Britain's greatest ever foe Jasper Copping explains the results of a National Army Museum contest declaring Washington the most outstanding military opponent. April 14, 2012 Telegraph War World  
German PoW leaves £384,000 to Perthshire village BBC News explains how Heinrich Steinmeyer left everything he owned to a Scotish village that showed him great kindness during World War II.  December 2, 2016 BBC War World History 
Girl Voted ‘Ugliest’ at School Strikes Back at Bullies Rachel Bertsche shares how Lynelle Cantwell, a 12th grader from Canada responded to cyberbullies. December 7, 2015 Yahoo News Ethics World  
Goodbye Tobacco, Hello Stevia, Say Tobacco Growers Alan Farnham explains how southern farmers are transitioning to stevia because tobacco subsidies are ending in 2014. October 15, 2013 Yahoo News Subsidies National  
Google clarifies Chromebook subscriptions, might have changed the industry Darren Murph provides details about Google's revolutionary business model to sell operating systems and computers. May 11, 2011 Engadget Technology National  
Governor Brown Signs Sweeping Legislation to Combat Climate Change Chris Megerian and Liam Dillon SB 32, a law that requires California to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. September 8, 2016 Los Angeles Times Regulation State Economics 
Happy Meal Ban Lawmakers in San Francisco trying to "prohibit fast-food restaurants from putting toys in children's meals unless they include fruits and vegetables and don't have too many unhealthy calories." October 4, 2010 NBC News Regulation State  
Here’s What the Founders Thought About Term Limits  Jarrett Stepman examines a number of statements delving with an idea of "rotation in office" for federal representatives. December 16, 2016 Daily Signal Term Limits National Civics 
Here's why China is abolishing its one-child policy Julie Makinen reports on the past and present history of China's one-child policy. October 29, 2015 Los Angeles Times Regulation World  
Her "Little Pink House" Was Her Castle—Until the Government Said It Wasn't Jeff Jacoby explains background about Kelo v. City of New London and this movie based on this Supreme Court eviction. April 23, 2018 FEE Eminent Domain National Civics 
Historic Referendum In Turkey Grants More Power To President Maggie Penman reports on how President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has caused some alarm among Turks about the concentration of too much power given to one individual.  April 16, 2017 NPR Power World Political 
Hong Kong is so expensive that architects are building 100-square-foot 'tube homes' made from concrete water pipes Leanna Garfield shares James Law's prototype of a $15,000 home.  January 20, 2018 Business Insider Entrepreneurship World Culture 
How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes Charles Duhigg and David Kocieniewki explain how Apple and other technology companies are moving their business operations to States and countries with low taxes to remain competitive. April 28, 2012 New York Times Taxation National  
How Chinese art explores its one-child policy Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore provides details about artists who are sharing the numerous problems with China's one-child policy.  October 2, 2013 BBC Regulation World  
How Dumb Are We? Newsweek raises concerns about the future of America because 38 percent of 1,000 Americans failed the U.S. Citizenship Test. March 20, 2011 Newsweek Citizenship National Civics 
How Pizza Became a Growth Stock Stephen Moore explains the impact of the new requirement of the Affordable Care Act to label the calories of pizzas. March 8, 2015 Heritage Regulation National  
How the War on Poverty Was Lost Fifty years and $20 trillion later Robert Rector explains how poverty levels remain the same in the United States since President Lyndon B. Johnson first created programs to stop it.  January 7, 2014 WSJ Poverty National  
Hungry Venezuelans flood Brazilian towns, as threat of mass migration looms Marina Lopes and Nick Miroff report how difficult survival has become for Venezuelans.  January 1, 2017 Washington Post Venezuela World Economics 
If the Confederacy had won, slavery would have continued in the South My Beef: Revisionist History Dwayne Green explains reasons he believes the Civil War was fought only over the institution of slavery. December 29, 2010 Charleston City Paper Civil War National History 
Illinois drops from the fifth-largest state to No. 6 Angie Leventis Lourgos reports on how Illinois continues to decline in population because of factors such as high taxes, state budget crises, crime, and cold weather. January 12, 2018 Chicago Tribune Taxation National Economics 
Illinois man told to stop having ‘slumber parties’ in his house for homeless people Aris Folley shares how a homeowner named Greg Schiller opened his basement to homeless people, but the city of Chicago said his house does not meet city codes and regulations. January 4, 2018 Yahoo Property Rights National Political 
In China, a daring few challenge one-child limit This article describes the hardships of women in China who live in fear of the Chinese government taking their second child from them. December 26, 2011 Associated Press Tyranny World  
In Defense of the Electoral College Richard A. Posner analyzes five reasons to keep this system of choosing the president. November 12, 2016 Slate Electoral College National Civics 
India expands payment scheme for Hindus to marry person of Dalit caste Amrit Dhillon explains how the government is trying to use cash incentives to eliminate the historic caste system in India.  December 6, 2017 The Guardian Caste System National Economics 
India: No toilet, no bride Laura Sesana reveals that 53 percent of all households in India do not have indoor toilets, yet 66 percent of Indians own cell phones. July 26, 2013 Washington Times Poverty World  
India wants its crown jewel back from Britain The AP reports that the Culture Ministry is making an effort to regain the 106-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond. April 20, 2016 CBS News Colonization World Culture 
Industry, not environmentalists, killed traditional light bulbs Timothy P. Carney explains how businesses sought government regulations to gain more profits. January 1, 2014 Washington Examiner Regulation National  
Inequality Becomes More Visible in Cuba as the Economy Shifts Randal C. Archibold explains the economic hardships endured by numerous Cubans. February 24, 2015 New York Times Cuba World Economics 
Inflation Robs Russians of Buying Power Sabrina Tavernise Aug. 18, 2015 August 18, 2015 New York Times Inflation World  
In Pursuit of the "Pursuit of Happiness" Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. explains the history of the phrase used by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. July 4, 2015 The New American Declaration of Independence National History 
Iowa Republican Caucuses Election 2012 This page shows the January 3, 2012 votes, percentages, and delegates earned by all Republican presidential candidates. January 3, 2012 New York Times Elections National Political 
Is it ethical to colonize Mars?  Brian Patrick Green explores the issue whether it is moral to disrupt native Martian life to create a backup earth.  October 15, 2015 CNN Colonization World Philosophy 
I Tried to Send a Telegram in 2016 It didn’t work. Adrienne Lafrance tried a few internet based telegram services and discovers how inefficient and ineffective the services are today. January 22, 2016 The Atlantic Technology World Culture 
It's the Law: Government Agencies, Schools and Universities Mark Constitution Day Agencies and schools receiving federal funds must honor Constitution Day each September 17th by sharing information about the United States Constitution. September 17, 2010 Constitution National Political 
It's time to declutter California's messy Constitution Mike Gatto explores how difficult it is to understand all of the regulations found within the Constitution of California. June 18, 2014 LA Times Constitution State Civics 
It's too easy to amend California's Constitution  090204 Edward L. Lascher Jr., Floyd F. Feeney and Tim Hodson share how easy it is for voters through the California initiative process to change the California Constitution. February 4, 2009 Los Angeles Times Constitution State Civics 
Jakarta's Christian Governor Sentenced To 2 Years For Blasphemy Anthonly Kuhn reports that this is a case of inequality among Indonesians.  May 9, 2017 NPR Freedom of Expression World Political 
James Madison and the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787 This essay from the Library of Congress exploring Madison's role in framing the new national government.  Libray of Congress Collections James Madison National History 
Judge approves bankruptcy exit plan for Detroit Judge Steven Rhodes has agreed to the plan to get out of bankruptcy. November 7, 2014 CBS News Bankruptcy National Economics 
Judge bars Starbucks from closing 77 failing Teavana stores Scott Olson explains how Judge Heather Welch ruled in favor of a mall. December 5, 2017 Indianapolis Business Journal Property Rights National Economics 
Judge Bars Washington, D.C., Restriction on Guns Outside Home Tamar Lewin reports on how Judge Richard J. Leon’s 46-page ruling continues to uphold the Second Amendment right of Americans. May 17, 2016 New York Times Second Amendment National Civics 
Kansas woman, 92, proves her right to vote - thanks to family Bible This story explains the obligation of Evelyn Howard to vote. August 29, 2014 CBS News Voting National  
Kentucky supported Lincoln's efforts to abolish slavery — 111 years late  Greg Kocher explains how the legislature waited until 1976 to ratify the 13th Amendment. February 16, 2013 Lexington Herald Leader Constitution National History 
Kim Jong-nam: More arrests over airport poisoning BBC provides details about the assasination of the brother of Kim Jong-un and possible North Korean involvement. February 16, 2017 BBC North Korea World Political 
Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter The Editorial Board shares how the press can freely write about elected officials. January 6, 2015 Frederick News Post Freedom of the Press National  
Knowing Cost, the Customer Sets the Price Stephanie Clifford explains how stores markup products and have major sales to attract customers. March 27, 2012 New York Times Business National  
Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required Shaila Dewan explains how the federal government can legally seize bank accounts without a trial. October 25, 2014 New York Times Judiciary National  
Lear Buys Declaration Of Independence staff 000630 report how Norman Lear and a partner purchased a copy of this document for $8.14 million.  June 30, 2000 CBS News Declaration of Independence National History 
Legislation proposes Utah adopt a gold-based system This article explains the "Utah Sound Money Act" and how this might become a bill in the Utah Legislature.  December 28, 2010 SL Tribune Gold State Economics 
Life On $1.25 A Day: Plenty Of Worries But Still Time For Tea  Rae Ellen Bichell explains how some 840 million people live on this amount of money around the world. September 25, 2015 NPR Poverty World  
Little Havana erupts in joy on news of Castro's death: 'Cuba si! Castro no!' Tribune news services reports how Cuban exiles in Miami rejoiced once news was announced that Fidel Castro had died. November 28, 2016 San Diego Union Tribune Cuban Americans World Political 
Making Sense of the U.S. Oil Boom Angel Gonzlez explains how the United States is having an oil renaissance because of entrepreneurship and innovations.  September 13, 2012 WSJ Entrepreneurship National Economics 
Many U.S. Immigrants’ Children Seek American Dream Abroad Kirk Semple describes how immigrants and second generation Americans are now leaving the United States to open businesses in their native or ancestral homeland because of opportunities. April 15, 2012 New York Times Entrepreneurship World  
Maybe You, Too, Could Become A Super Memorizer Rae Ellen Bichell reports on a study analyzing 23 of the top 50 memory champions of the world to better understand brain activity and memorization. March 8, 2017 NPR Memory National Education 
Mayor, officials arrested in California pay scandal Dan Whitcomb provides details about the corruption charges against Bell officials. September 22, 2010 Reuters Government State  
Meant to Keep Malaria Out, Mosquito Nets Are Used to Haul Fish In This article explains the unintended consequences of handing out free mosquito nets to combat widespread malaria throughout Africa. February 24, 2015 New York Times Unintended Consequences World  
Meet The Robot Armies That Are Transforming Amazon’s Warehouses Jessica Dineen explains how Amazon purchased Kiva, a robotics company, with the goal of keeping their lead in online sales March 20, 2015 Forbes Entrepreneurship National  
Mexicans chafe under political negativity ban David Agren explains how a Mexican law limiting negative statements made about politicians is causing negative outcomes in the current Mexican presidential election. April 11, 2012 USA Today Freedom of Expression World  
Microcredit for Americans Shaila Dewan explains how microloans can help entrepreneurship flourish worldwide. October 28, 2013 New York Times Entrepreneurship National Economics 
MLB pitcher Cole Hamels donates mansion and land to camp for special-needs children Kathleen Joyce reports how the Texas Rangers star pitcher donated his 32,000-square foot home to Camp Barnabas. December 19, 2017 Fox News Charity National Civics 
Mom Pens Blog Post to 'Change the Conversation' Around Her Daughter's Birthmark Joi-Marie McKenzie reports how Katie Crenshaw penned a blog that went viral about using caution when stating words.  March 3, 2016 ABC News Freedom of Expression National Sociology 
Motel Is Latest Stopover in Federal Forfeiture Battle John Emshwiller, Gary Fields, and Jennifer Levitztewksbury discuss the constitutionality of the U.S. Justice Department seizing property of an owner whose guest was found guilty of a crime. October 18, 2011 WSJ Due Process National Political 
NASCAR turns down 'General Lee'  2/17/12 ESPN explains how pro golfer Bubba Watson canceled plans for him to drive this famous car from the television series "The Dukes of Hazzard." February 17, 2015 ESPN Expression National Culture 
New Balance accuses Pentagon of reneging on sneaker deal  Jon Chesto explains reasons that New Balance is once again fighting the Pacific Rim trade deal. April 12, 2016 Boston Globe Tariffs National Economics 
New Fellowship Pays For College Kids To Drop Out Michele Norris talks with Peter Thiel, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Paypal, who has created a fellowship that provides $100,000 over a two-year period to twenty outstanding recipients willing to drop out of college to fully pursue business innovations. May 26, 2011 NPR Academics National  
New Hampshire Primary Results The Republican and Democratic Primary results provide an abundance of information about the February 9th election and previous elections. February 10, 2016 New York Times Elections National Political 
New York Times Disunion This site revisits and reconsiders America's Civil War that took place one-hundred-and-fifty years ago by posting contemporary accounts, diaries, images, and historical assessments. January 1, 2011 New York Times Opinionator Civil War National  
No Fast or Slow Lanes for Internet? New Rules Proposed The Associated Press explains how the FCC intends to reclassify the Internet as a telecommunications service. February 4, 2015 ABC News Regulation National  
'No Place For Discontent': A History Of The Family Dinner In America Mackensie Griffin explores how the family dinner has changed throughout the history of the United States. February 16, 2016 NPR Sociology National  
North Korea Articles Maclean's has a number of current articles about North Korea and North Koreans who have escaped this despotic regime. January 1, 2014 Maclean's North Korea World  
North Korean defectors tell of torture and beatings Mark Tran explains the story of suffering and deprivation endured by Guang-il Jung. November 4, 2014 The Guardian Tyranny World  
North Korea's Economy Tantalising signs of change are emerging. Whether they signal more profound shifts is less clear. February 28, 2015 The Economist North Korea World  
North Korea sentences U.S. student to 15 years hard labor Tiffany Ap and Brian Todd provide a video of the sentencing of Otto Warmbier, an American charged with stealing a propoganda poster. March 16, 2016 CNN North Korea World Political 
Obama’s Community-College Plan: A Reading List This editorial delves into the debate over universal college funded through taxation for everyone. January 9, 2015 New York Times Free College National Economics 
Obama’s national monuments are about more than conservation Gregory Korte reports how the president has used the 1906 Antiquities Act to set aside more than 3.9 million acres of land for federal protection. June 26, 2016 USA TODAY Executive Order National Political 
Obama vows he’s ‘not finished’ after naming new monument This article shares information about the president declaring the San Gabriel Mountains a new National Monument. October 10, 2014 The Hill Property Rights National  
Ohio Takes Major Step to Protect Individual Rights, Due Process  Jason Snead explains H.B. 347 and how this sweeping bill will reform Civil Forfeiture. December 9, 2016 Daily Signal Bill of Rights National Political 
Oil prices are plummeting. Here's why that's a big deal Brad Pumer explains how supply and demand continues to lower the price per barrel of oil. October 7, 2014 Vox Supply and Demand National  
On His Christmas Deathbed, My Father Still Remembered Fidel Castro Kristina Arriaga delves into some historical truths about this Cuban dictator. December 24, 2014 The Federalist Fidel Castro World Political 
On the Run From War, Syria's Children Grow Up Fast Farnaz Fassihi describes the hardships faced by Syrian children. December 30, 2013 WSJ War World  
Opium: A powerful medicine for pain relief Chris Kilham describes the history of this powerful drug that is used in numerous drugs. July 24, 2013 Fox News Social Studies World  
Outlawing War? It Actually Worked Oona A. Hathaway and Scott J. Shapiro explore the history behind the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928. September 2, 2017 New York Times Treaties World Political 
Pakistan Aims to End Honor Killings With Reform Olivia Enos explains how the Oscar award-winning documentary, “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness,” has helped Pakistan to pass legislation to penalize this practice. October 11, 2016 Daily Signal Shariah law World Religion 
Pakistan Must Release Asia Bibi to Demonstrate Protection for Its Religious Minorities Lisa Curtis and Olivia Enos explain how a Pakistani trial court sentenced a Christian woman to death for blasphemy. July 28, 2015 Heritage Freedom of Religion World Religion 
Pentagon Buries Evidence of $125 Billion in Bureaucratic Waste Craig Whitlock and Bob Woodward reviews a January 2015 report that could help the Defense Department with massive savings. December 5, 2016 Washington Post Defense Department National Economics 
Pfizer to Leave City That Won Land-Use Case Patrick McGeehan how Pfizer is leaving New London after their tax reductions are set to expire. November 12, 2009 New York Times Eminent Domain National Political 
Philly beverage tax a case of trickle-down economics Katie Colaneri reports on the huge impact faced by all people in Philadelphia because of a new tax on sweetened beverages. January 9, 2017 News Works Taxation National Economics 
Police transcript in shooting of Seattle mom: 'I don't have a Taser' 170621 Carma Hassan and Madison Park report on the shooting of Charleena Lyles after she confronted officers with a knife. June 21, 2017 CNN Criminal Justice National Civics 
Popular national parks to raise fees to $35, not $70 Matthew Daly identififes that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's plan to boost fees at most parks met with opposition from people. April 12, 2018 Washington Post National Parks National Political 
President Donald Trump smashes record to get fastest majority disapproval rating ever  Ashley Kirk shares historical information about numerous Presidents of the United States. January 30, 2017 Telegraph Presidents National Political 
Presidential Election Results This page has an interactive map that shows the number of state Electors, poll closing times, and which presidential candidate won. November 8, 2016 New York Times Elections National Civics 
President Obama Signed the National Defense Authorization Act - Now What? Erik Kain explains how some Americans are concerned that the NDAA codifies "the use of indefinite detention of foreign nationals and possibly US citizens arrested abroad and at home." January 2, 2012 Forbes Due Process National Political 
Private city in Honduras will have minimal taxes, government Maxim Lott explains how a group of private investors are hoping to create a city-state with minimal amounts of government.  September 22, 2012 Fox News Liberty World  
Property scams target India's middle class Mukul Devichand shows the importance of protecting property rights through titles, contracts, and rule of law. July 31, 2011 BBC Property Rights World  
Putin Takes Helm as Police Punish Moscow Dissent Ellen Barry and Sophia Kishkovsky report how Moscow police dressed in camouflage detained anyone wearing white ribbons because the symbol supports anti-Putin activists.  May 7, 2012 New York Times Freedom of Expression World  
Rancho Guejito These sites have detailed maps, pictures, and information about Guejito Ranch. Guejito encompasses almost 22,000 acres and includes the last remaining intact Mexican land grant of 13,000 acres. Guejito Ranch is situated outside Escondido and is a good topic to explore when learning about property rights. California Chaparral is an organization trying to have this private property made into a public park. January 1, 2010 California Chaparral Property Rights State  
Rare Copy Of Declaration Found In England Melissa Block interviews Edward Hamshire, a Colonial Record Specialist of the British National Archives. July 3, 2009 NPR Declaration of Independence National History 
Rare copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence found gathering dust in BRITAIN'S National Archive Tom Kelly explains that an original printing of the Declaration was discovered. July 2, 2009 Daily Mail Declaration of Independence National History 
Reaching for the kill switch The Economist explains how the Egyptian government shut down the Internet in Egypt. Prior to this event, American senators attempted to pass a bill that will give the president emergency powers to shut down the internet when threatened with cyber-attack.  February 10, 2011 The Economist Government World  
Real jobs come from real people John Stossel debates whether politicians or ordinary people create jobs.  April 18, 2012 Washington Times Entrepreneurship National  
Recalling an era when the color of your skin meant you paid to vote Allison Keyes delves into the history behind Poll Taxes in the United States. September 8, 2016 Voting National Political 
Regulations in Benin, West Africa, Stunt Business Growth for Entrepreneurs Like Glwadys Tawema James M. Roberts discusses how tedious regulations are hurting entrepreneurs in both Ghana and Benin. September 20, 2016 Daily Signal Regulation World Economics 
Researchers may have ‘found’ many of China’s 30 million missing girls Simon Denyer explores what happened to the female population of China because of its one-child policy. November 30, 2016 Washington Post China World Political 
Results from the 2016 Iowa Caucus WSJ News Graphics uses an infographic to show the Democratic and Republican Iowa Caucus results for Monday, February 1st. February 1, 2016 Elections National Political 
Rick Perry, Ex-Governor of Texas, Is Trump’s Pick as Energy Secretary Coral Davenport explains the rich irony of Governor Perry getting nominated as Secretary of Energy. December 13, 2016 New York Times Executive branch National Civics 
Rights Advocates Suing U.N. Over the Spread of Cholera in Haiti Rich Gladstone explains the reasons a lawsuit was filed against the United Nations in New York over charges of negligence. October 8, 2013 New York Times United Nations World  
Ruby's Cuba Blog Rudy Weldon describes how people presently live in communist Cuba. March 9, 2009 Ruby's Cuba Blog Cuba World Economics 
San Francisco bans Happy Meals Sharon Bernstein describes how and why the San Francisco board of supervisors voted to outlaw restaurants from including toys in meals that contain high fat, sugar and calories. November 2, 2010 Los Angels Times Regulation State  
San Francisco Teachers' Union Offers Trump Lesson Plan Jocelum Gecker and Janie Har from Associated Press share how Fakhra Shah, a San Francisco Public School Teacher has created a lesson plan that cals Donal Trump a racist and sexist man. November 16, 2016 United Educators of San Francisco Free Speech National Political 
Scavenging to survive in Venezuela JM Lopez shares how Venezuela's economic crisis has driven many Venezuelans into the sewage-strewn waters of the Guaire River in search of valuables. October 9, 2017 Alijazeera Venezuela World Economics 
Schwarzenegger criticized after commuting Nunez sentence The governor has the power to pardon or shorten the sentence of a convicted criminal. January 3, 2011 Reuters Judicial State  
She was too short to play Goofy. Then she invented Spanx. Now she's a billionaire Danielle Wiener-Bronner shares the story of how Sara Blakely founded Spanx. April 2, 2018 CNN entrepreneurship National Economics 
Should Agencies Decide Law? Doctrine May Be Tested at Gorsuch Hearing Steven Davidoff Solomon explains how courts have created judicial doctrines of deference. March 14, 2017 New York Times Regulation National Civics 
Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich: Americans know how to use the moving van to escape high taxes Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore compare the economic systems of different States. March 18, 2009 WSJ Taxation State  
‘Socialism of the 21st Century’ Collapses in Brazil. Here’s Why It Failed. James M. Roberts explains how Peruvians, Argentinians, and Brazilians are souring on the impoverishing consequences of 21st Century Socialism. September 7, 2016 Daily Signal Socialism World Economics 
Soda Industry Sues to Stop a Sales Ban on Big Drinks Michael M. Grynbaum explains how numerous companies are working together to stop the government of New York from banning soda containers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and other venues. October 12, 2012 New York Times Regulation State  
Speaker Ryan Calls Ferguson Painting ‘Disgusting’ Alex Gangitano reports on the controversy surrounding Missouri student David Pulphus' painting. January 12, 2017 Roll Call Freedom of Expression National Political 
Students 'armed' with pencils beaten in Syria Joe Sterling and Salma Abdelaziz describe the hope Syrians have to gain freedom in their nation. May 12, 2011 CNN War National  
Students Identify With 50-Year-Old Supreme Court Case Nina Totenberg explains how the Tinker v. the Des Moines Independent Community School District has impacted the understanding of First Amendment rights for students. January 3, 2018 NPR Freedom of Expression National Civics 
Stunning new footage of defiance emerges from North Korea Mick Krever explains how many North Koreans are now secretly learning about the outside world, which might threaten the regime of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. January 15, 2014 CNN Blogs Tyranny World  
Supreme Court allows Idaho couple to challenge EPA on wetlands ruling Robert Barnes and Juliet Eilperin explain the unanimous ruling made by the Supreme Court that protects the rights of property owners. March 21, 2012 Washington Post Property Rights National  
Supreme Court case tests the limits of free speech on Facebook and other social media Robert Barnes explores the topic of freedom of expression. November 23, 2014 Washington Post Freedom of Expression National  
Supreme Court Ruling Has Florida Scrambling to Fix Death Penalty Law  Lizette Alvarez explains some of the problems for Florida's current capital punishment law's that allow a simple majority of a 12-person jury to recommend a death sentence to a judge was struck down by the United States Supreme Court on January 12, 2016. February 2, 2016 New York Times Judicial National  
Supreme Court: Warrants needed in GPS tracking Robert Barnes reports that the Supreme Court unanimously voted to restrict the ability of police to track criminal suspects with GPS devices without a warrant. January 23, 2015 Washington Post Warrants National  
Sure, I’m Behind Bars, But I’m Still Morally Superior to You Tom Jacobs shares statistical information that shows prisoners believe they are really good people.  January 7, 2014 Pacific Standard Magazine Sociology National  
Switzerland rejects world's highest minimum wage This article explores how Swiss voters rejected a minimum wage referendum. May 18, 2014 BBC Minimum Wage World  
Tale of the Painting Robot That Didn’t Steal Anyone’s Job Matt Simon explains how robots are taking over some parts of a job. February 8, 2018 Wired Jobs World Economics 
The $15 Minimum Wage Might Kill Jobs--and That’s OK Lydia DePillis explores some of the concerns researchers have about minimum wage increases. April 1, 2016 Washington Post Minimum Wage National Economics 
The Atlantic Lotteries: America's $70 Billion Shame Derek Thompson explains the harmful impact state lotteries have had upon the poor throughout the United States. May 11, 2015 The Atlantic Taxation National  
The Bad Grade That Changed The U.S. Constitution Matt Largey explains the story how Gregory Watson petitioned state lawmakers to ratify an amendment that was proposed in 1789. May 5, 2017 NPR Constitution National Civics 
The Dirty Secret of Black Friday 'Discounts' How Retailers Concoct 'Bargains' for the Holidays and Beyond Suzanne Kapner explains how retailers play pricing theater with their pricing of merchandise.  November 25, 2013 WSJ Business National Economics 
The Electoral College Is Hated by Many. So Why Does It Endure?  Jonathan Mahler and Steve Eder explore how history of the Electoral College and why it continues to choose the President of the United States. November 10, 2016 New York Times Electoral College National Civics 
The Empire Strikes Back: China-Controlled Gangs Incite Violence in Hong Kong Demonstrations Mike Gonzalez explains how China is now using criminal gangs to stop peaceful Hong Kongers.  October 3, 2014 Daily Signal Free Assembly World Political 
The Facebook Effect This diagram illustrates the impact Facebook has had on the nations of the world. July 1, 2010 Businessweek Technology World  
The Founding of the American Republic: 17. Principles of the Constitution  721201 Clarence Carson writes numerous articles about the founding of the United States. December 1, 1972 FEE Constitution National Economics 
The Growing 'Grain Drain' Matthew Mitchell and Christopher Koopman explain how numerous young Americans cannot afford to become farmers doe to the huge economic costs of federal farm subsidies. September 24, 2013 US News Subsidies National  
The Hajj and Eid al-Adha Alan Taylor shares 42 pictures of Muslims on their pilgrimage to Mecca. November 7, 2011 The Atlantic Religion World  
The hardships of Delhi's street vendors Many of the 10 million people selling food and goods in India say they have to pay weekly bribes to stay in business.  Showkat Shafi shares numerous pictures and stories of local vendors who struggle to survive without access to the legal system. January 5, 2016 Aljazeera Regulation World Political 
The inexorable march of creative destruction George F. Will explains how unplanned, unpredictable, and uncoordinated events made by millions of individual decisions have led to past and present human achievements.  March 21, 2012 Washington Post Freedom National  
The Left’s Appalling Whitewashing of Castro’s Legacy Mike Gonzalez explains some historical truths about Cuba and Fidel Castro. November 26, 2016 Daily Signal Fidel Castro World Political 
The Pilgrims Before Plymouth This article tours the Dutch city of Leiden from the historical perspective of the Pilgrims. October 18, 2011 Smithsonian Magazine Pilgrims National  
The Political Assault on Climate Skeptics Richard S. Lindzen explains how the debate over climate change is costing people serious money. March 4, 2015 WSJ Climate National  
There are 18 states without the death penalty. A third of them have banned it since 2007.  Mark Berman explains the status of capital punishment throughout the United States. April 30, 2014 Washington Post Capital Punishment National Political 
The Secret Document That Transformed China David Kestenbaum and Jacob Goldstein report how in a small Chinese village called Xiaogang was able to gradually transition from communism in 1978. January 20, 2012 NPR Communism World Economics 
The "success" and failure of the one-child law in China This article describes China's population policy. September 25, 2010 AsiaNews Regulation World  
The Thorniest Question: When Can a President Order an American Killed? James Joyner looks into the issue of "rogue presidents killing Americans" and issues of national security. September 30, 2011 The Atlantic Due Process National Political 
The Trajectory of Venezuelan Hyperinflation Looks Familiar…  Jeff Desjardins uses infographics to show the impact of hyperinflation in Venezuela. June 15, 2016 Visual Capitalist Venezuela World Economics 
The Truth About Christopher Columbus: Was Columbus a Hero or a Villain? Christopher Minster shares common myths about Columbus and attempts to answer this question. September 8, 2017 Columbus National Culture 
The Two Latin Americas A Continental Divide Between One Bloc That Favors State Controls and Another That Embraces Free Markets David Luhnow explains how the west coast countries are far more prosperous than the east coast countries.  January 3, 2014 WSJ Free Markets World Economics 
The U.S. Presidents and the Money Issue  960401 Greg Kaza provides a great overview of monetary policy throughout the presidential administrations up to President McKinley. April 1, 1996 FEE Articles Monetary Policy National Economics 
The Waldseemüller Map: Charting the New World Toby Lester explains how "Two obscure 16th-century German scholars named the American continent and changed the way people thought about the world." January 1, 2009 Smithsonian Teachers Geography National  
This study 40 years ago could have reshaped the American diet. But it was never fully published.  Peter Whoriskey explores the history of dietary recommendations.  April 12, 2016 Washington Post Policy National Culture 
Thomas Jefferson statue incites debate at Mizzou David Ng reports how some college students believe a statue of Thomas Jefferson should be removed from the University of Missouri. October 22, 2015 LA Times Slavery National  
Tiananmen Square: What happened to Tank Man? Heather Saul speculates what happened to this young advocate of individual liberty. June 4, 2014 The Independent Liberty World  
Time to Kill Daylight Saving Matt Schiavenza explains how changing clocks is "wasteful, unnecessary, and even dangerous." March 8, 2015 The Atlantic Government National  
Time to scrap affirmative action: Governments should be colour-blind This article explains problems with affirmative action policies around the world. April 27, 2013 The Economist Affirmative Action National  
Time To Take Away The President's Power To Impose Tariffs Stuart Anderson explains how Congress has given too much power to all presidents. March 5, 2018 Forbes Executive National Civics 
Trump administration takes aim at California desert protection plan Evan Halper explains how some California lawmakers are in disagreement over changes to the plan, but energy firms and local governments favor changes. February 9, 2018 LA Times Federalism National Political 
Trump's Defense Pick Challenges Rules Regarding Civilian Control Of The Military Brian Naylor explains how some members of the Senate will probably not confirm former Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis. December 2, 2016 NPR Senate Confirmation National Civics 
TSA Threatens To Cancel All Flights Out Of Texas If ‘Groping Bill’ Passed Kashmir Hill shows a good example of federalism and how it affects States' Rights.  May 25, 2011 Forbes Blogs Federalism National  
Two local Scouts among 12 delegates sent to Washington Pam Kragen shares how Sean Golding, a 13-year-old who attends Bear Valley Middle School went to Washington, D.C. as a delegate of the Boy Scouts of America.  March 7, 2018 San Diego Union Tribune Washington, D.C. Local Civics 
Two Sides to Labor in China Keith Bradsherp explains the different perspectives of laborers and labor laws in China. March 30, 2012 New York Times Tyranny World  
Underground — And Illegal — NYC Dinner Parties Clandestine Gatherings Popping Up All Over -- And Are Completely Unregulated This story explains how New York City believes these dining experiences are illegal. September 11, 2013 CBS New York Regulation National  
U.S. challenges China’s curbs on mineral exports; China vows to push back William Wan, Keith B. Richburg and David Nakamura explain how the Obama administration is asking China to loosen trade restrictions on rare-earth minerals, which are materials essential to a large variety of products such as computers, batteries, and cellphones. March 12, 2012 Washington Post Resources World  
U.S. health care law not immune to nullification John Adams explains how eleven states are using an old tactic to take back power from the federal government. February 28, 2011 USAToday Nullification National  
U.S. Infrastructure: Still Crumbly, But Less So Alan Farnham discusses how the decline of infrastructure in the United States could cause a decline in wealth in the next seven years. March 20, 2013 ABC News Infrastructure National  
U.S. to Be Top Oil Producer by 2015 on Shale, IEA Says Grant Smith explains how America is almost near energy self-sufficiency.  November 11, 2012 Bloomberg Trade National  
Uzbek man charged in New York attack said he 'felt good' about what he did Gina Cherelus and Barbara Goldberg report on this story of how an Uzbek immigrant plowed a truck down a New York City bike path, killing eight people. October 31, 2017 Reuters Terrorism National Political 
Venezuelans are going hungry. But the country’s Olympians will get free housing and cash. Nick Miroff explains background about some of the economic policies of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. August 22, 2016 Washington Post Communism World Economics 
Venezuela's 'socialist paradise' turns into a nightmare: medical shortages claim lives as oil price collapses Peter Foster shows how Venezuelans currently battle to acquire basic necessities like toilet paper and soap. February 3, 2015 Telegraph Venezuela World Economics 
Venezuela Supreme Court takes over legislative powers from National Assembly 170330  explains how President Nicolas Maduro has stacked the courts with Maduro loyalists who are not neutral judges. March 30, 2017 Deutsche Welle Venezuela World Political 
Venezuela: Where supplies are few and pain is everywhere Nick Paton Walsh and Marilia Brocchetto report on the difficult times Venezuelans are facing due to their government economic policies. May 17, 2017 CNN Venezuela World Economics 
Venture Capitalists Return to Backing Science Start-Ups Hiroko Tabuchi delves into revolutionary ideas, concepts, and projects that are finally attracting investors once again.  October 12, 2014 New York Times Investments National  
Virginia is the first state to pass a law allowing robots to deliver straight to your door. April Glaser explains that the commonwealth has allowed robotic companies to begin using autonomous devices on sidewalks and crosswalks.  March 1, 2017 Recode Technology National Political 
VISTA: City wants to redevelop motel property Cigi Ross explains reasons the property owner is not interested in selling his motel to the city of Vista. October 31, 2009 San Diego Union Tribune Eminent Domain Local Political 
Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Aetna’s pay hikes: Why now? Rick Wartzman explores the numerous reasons companies might raise wages without government minimum wage increases. March 4, 2015 Fortune Minimum Wage National  
Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Aetna’s pay hikes: Why now? Rick Wartzman explores numerous reasons companies might raise wages without government minimum wage increases. March 4, 2015 Fortune Minimum Wage National Political 
Wal-Mart's Wage Experiment Works ... for Workers Megan McArdle explains how the expirement by Wal-Mart of raising wages has not led to an increase in their profits. October 18, 2016 Bloomberg View Minimum Wage National Economics 
Warned He Would Die by Age 10, He Just Graduated College Readability Ashley Strickland reports on the amazing story of 29-year-old Ryan Dant and his fight against mucopolysaccharidosis I, or MPS I. May 13, 2017 CNN Adversity National Education 
Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin Ian Katz reports how the co-founder of Google explains the importance of maintaining internet freedom. April 15, 2012 Guardian Freedom of Expression National  
'We tell Spotify no, YouTube does it anyway': The music industry's love-hate relationship with YouTube Rich Trenholm explains how this website has become the largest portal for digital music and the arguments for and against its services. May 22 May 22, 2015 Cnet Regulations World  
What can be done for poor Puerto Rico? Michael Barone explores different options for the struggling commonwealth of Puerto Rico. February 6, 2014 Washington Examiner Territory National  
What happens to a tiny town when Walmart disappears? Lydia DePillis describes the impact store closures have had on numerous rural and often poorer communities. February 5, 2016 Washington Post Poverty National Economics 
What Happens To Old And Expired Supermarket Foods Nadia Arumugam explains what happens to food that is not consumed by the date on a food item. January 6, 2012 Forbes Regulation National  
What’s the Best Jury Size? 04/25/13 Dana Mackenzie explains how the states of Oregon and Lousiana do not require unanimous verdicts. April 25, 2013 Slate Judicial National Economics 
What's Wrong With Bill Gates' Robot Tax Noah Smith delves into the problem of taxing automation of industries. February 28, 2017 Bloomberg Creative Destruction National Economics 
What the First Amendment protects — and what it doesn't Richard Wolf explains that Public protests, Public speakers, Censorship, Compelled speech, Social media, Campaign spending, Religious exercise, Religious establishment, and Press freedom continue to cause debate. April 6, 2018 USA Today Freedom of Expression National Civics 
Why can't you get that song out of your head? Meera Senthilingam explains how researchers are finding that three musical factors produce earworms.  November 3, 2016 CNN Music World Education 
Why climate change is good for the world Don't panic! The scientific consensus is that warmer temperatures do more good than harm Matt Ridley explains numerous benefits related to climate change. October 19, 2013 The Spectator Climate Change World  
Why Do the Poor Stay Poor? John Stossel discusses the advantages of property rights and rule of law for the poor of the world. Add item December 8, 2010 Fox News Property National  
Why Do We Vote on Tuesdays? Jennifer Freilach delves into information about how Congress enacted this law and whether this voting day should be changed to Saturday. November 6, 2016 History News Network Voting National Civics 
Why France won’t let you name your child ‘Nutella’ Abby Ohlheiser explains naming regulations in the United States and around the world. January 26, 2015 Washington Post Regulation World  
Why Growth Matters More than Debt Steve Conover explains how the $15 trillion dollar federal debt continues to grow because both China and Japan continue to buy low-interest Treasury securities. January 29, 2012 American Debt World Economics 
Why it’s so difficult to charge police officers who kill Gail Sullivan explains why a grand jury seldom convicts an officer of using excessive force. December 4, 2014 Washington Post Judiciary National  
Why Johnny can't write, and why employers are mad Kelley Holland shares the importance of how students learning to write well and communicate ideas will find employment in many fields.  November 11, 2013 CNBC Academics National  
Why Junk Food at School Isn't Making Kids Fat Benjamin Radford explains that there is no statistical difference among eighth graders who eat or do not eat junk food. January 22, 2012 Discovery News Freedom National  
Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts Justin P. McBrayer explains differences between facts and opinions. March 2, 2015 New York Times Sociology National  
Why Restaurants Are Ditching The Switch To No Tipping  NPR Staff report how some restaurants have experimented with a no-tipping policy after minimum wage increases. May 16, 2016 NPR Minimum Wage National Economics 
Why some billionaires are bad for growth, and others aren’t Not all inequality is created equal Ana Swanson reports about an economic study that analyzes the impact made upon a nation's economy from wealth, growth and political connections.  August 20, 2015 Washington Post  Wealth World Economics 
Why Trump's Speech To Congress Is Not A State Of The Union Rachel Quester explains the difference between a State of the Union and a presidential Adress before a joint session of Congress. February 28, 2017 NPR Executive National Civics 
Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them Nobel-winning economist Angus Deaton argues against giving aid to poor countries Ana Swanson explains some of the theories Nobel-winning economist Angus Deaton has foreign aide has increased poverty within poor countries. October 13, 2015 Washington Post Foreign Aide World  
Why You Shouldn’t Imitate Bill Gates if You Want to Be Rich Chengwei Liu 220917 explains that imitating rich people might not guarantee other people similar success.  September 22, 2017 BBC Success World Economics 
Wicker Bill Introduced to Reaffirm 10th Amendment Raven Clabough explains a bill authored by Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi will make Congress safeguard and recognize the importance of the 10th Amendment. January 5, 2011 The New American  Bill of Rights National  
Will Rich People Desert the U.S. if Their Taxes Are Raised? Bruce Bartlett explains how the newfound mobility of people have led some of the more wealthy individuals to live in foreign countries and even renounce their birth citizenship to avoid high taxation. May 8, 2012 Economix Taxation National  
Will Trump Start a Trade War with China?  discusses tariffs and how they often lead to trade wars. November 25, 2016 The Times in Plain English Trade National Economics 
Wisconsin GOP backs away from secession Steve Benen discusses reasons that some Republicans recently voted in favor of nullification, states' rights, and possible secession. May 5, 2014 MSNBC Secession National  
Woman dies after drinking 10 liters of Coke a day This article deals with how the excessive consumption of this beverage was one factor that led to a woman's early death. April 19, 2012 Fox News Freedom National  
Wood, The fuel of the future: Environmental lunacy in Europe This article explains how governments have drastically increased the cost of wood because of environmental policies.  April 6, 2013 The Economist Regulation National  
World's 'extremely poor' to fall below 10 percent of global population: World Bank Sebastien Malo reports how global poverty of $1.90 a day is on a decline. October 4, 2015 Reuters Poverty World Economics 
Wrongfully convicted man released after 29 years in prison Erik Runge explains how Arthur Brown was a victim of a wrongful conviction.  November 14, 2017 AOL Criminal Justice National Civics 
Young man on a mission to honor World War II vets before it's too late  Steve Hartman reports how Rishi Sharma, a junior in high school is making it his mission to interview World War II veterans. December 9, 2016 CBS News World War II Veterans National History 
Your Right to Record: Protected by Law, Disrespected by Law Enforcement Timothy Karr explains how recording police has become a constitutionally protected civil right. April 17, 2015 Huffington Post Civil Rights National  
Zimbabwe's currency crisis and the 100 trillion dollar note Chris Skinner explains his experience touring the country and collecting worthless Zim dollars. July 25, 2013 Financial Services Club Blog Currency World Economics 
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