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Desperate Crossing Historical Narrative - Day One & Two

posted Dec 5, 2017, 5:43 PM by James Garritson   [ updated Dec 6, 2017, 9:54 AM ]
Learning TargetI will write a historical narrative about the Pilgrims.
  1. Do not take out anything today.
  2. Review Google Classroom and open both Desperate Crossing assignments. 
  3. Review the instructions for the Desperate Crossing Historical Narrative posted on Google Classroom.
  4. Work quietly on the  Desperate Crossing Historical Narrative.
  5. Work on the Desperate Crossing Historical Narrative using Google Classroom each night this week.

Desperate Crossing Historical Narrative

        The Pilgrims2 were all hiding throughout the home as the constable hammered on the door and screamed, “Open up!” King James8 did not like them and had ordered any person or congregation13, that did not remain loyal to his Church of England4, would incur his wrath for disobedience. While they were somewhat afraid of what would happen once they opened the door, they knew that they were Separatists6, and were willing to face the consequences for fully following their firm faith in Christ. They did consider themselves Protestants5, but did not agree with the perspective of Puritans7, that the official Church would completely remove unbiblical practices. As they opened the door, the constable stormed in with his men and ordered the arrest of every person within the house. Children, women, and men were rounded up and spent a cold and dreary night in prison.