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Bill of Rights in Four Voices

posted Feb 12, 2018, 8:39 AM by James Garritson
Learning TargetI will explain how the Bill of Rights helps secure the Blessings of Liberty.
  1. Take a Response Sheet from the shelf and then take out A31: Preamble Pretest/A32: Preamble Paraphrase and SummaryA33: Constitution Visual Guide and A34: RSG Constitution Handbook pages 83-92.
  2. Watch and review constitutional concepts from the song, Three Ring Government.
  3. Take copies for group members of the Clarifying Bookmark and the Bill of Rights in Four Voices from the teacher desk.
  4. Read Bill of Rights in Four Voices aloud one time using the Four Voices in groups. When complete, read it again and have one person read a statement from the Clarifying Bookmark after each section or Amendment.
  5. Write a response to the Learning Target at the end of class. Turn in this Exit Ticket when leaving class. 

Bill of Rights Four Voices