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A30: Rosa Parks & Civil Rights Video Guide

posted Jan 12, 2018, 8:21 AM by James Garritson
Learning TargetI will identify the connection of Civil Rights to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.
  1. Take a Response Sheet from the shelf. Take out A27Escape! Viewing Guide/A30: Rosa Parks & Civil Rights Video Guide and A29: RSG Chpt. 8 pages 75-82.
  2. Head the Response Sheet and review the Learning Target.
  3. Review Learning TargetWrite two journal entries Escape! Viewing Guide on the Response Sheet.
  4. Review current events about Fidel Castro and Cuba after watching Escape!
  5. Review these sites and video clips:
  6. Fill out A30: Rosa Parks & Civil Rights Video Guide, while watching the video.
  7. Complete pages 79-80 from A29RSG Chpt. 8 pages 75-82 tonight.

YouTube Video

Escape! Viewing Guide