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Grading Policies

  • Students will receive a grade based on these category weights:



Multiple-choice, matching, benchmarks, fill-in, essays, research papers, & presentations are announced and often take an entire class period to complete.



Fill-in and short answer assessments are usually unannounced, open-note, and seldom given longer than twenty minutes for a student to complete.



Cornell Notes, lesson reviews, reflections, study guides, matrixes, maps, charts, illustrations, and other work are usually recorded every five assignments on the Assignment Card.



Positive work habits include following written and verbal instructions, participating in a discussion, volunteering to read, sharing information, and making outstanding effort are recorded daily on a spreadsheet.
  • All grades are recorded in PowerSchool and based on this traditional grading scale:

Grade Percentage

Letter Grade


A - Outstanding


B - Very Good


C - Average


D - Below Average


F - Failure

Expectations and Participation Grade
  1. Respect People & Property.
  2. Follow Instructions.
  3. Eat Outside.

Students are expected to make this classroom a learning environment at all times. Participation is weighted 15% of a student grade and is based on a 5 Point Scale that is recorded daily on a spreadsheet. All students begin class with 4 points and can choose to keep, earn more, or lose them. Additional points are earned when a student immediately follows posted and verbal instructions, volunteers to read, answers questions, shares information on a topic, makes outstanding effort on an assignment, and exhibits other positive work habits. One hall or restroom pass worth 5 extra participation points is given to a student at the start of each six week grading cycle.

Students who do not follow all Participation Rules will lose daily points, which can result in a low participation grade. Losing daily participation points will lead to additional consequences that include infractions, seating changesbehavior reflectionsreferrals, and parent conferences. Defiance and other severe problems are grounds for the immediate removal of a student from class. Here is an example of a previous Participation Spreadsheet: