American Life during the Nineteenth Century Essay

For any student unable to make either C.U.B., social studies requires this alternate assignment. Please ask your P.E. teacher how to make up their dance assessment. 

Type and submit a 5 page essay using Google Classroom and answering the questions from this prompt:

Describe American life during the Nineteenth Century. Describe a typical workday and a typical Sunday. How did people dress? What were the traditional mannerisms? How did people make a living? What did people do for recreation and entertainment? How were people treated? 

Include a separate Title and Works Cited page. Essays must include a minimum of three sources, with at least one of them being a primary source. Use the standard Times New Roman or Cambria 12 pt fonts and double space the entire essay. In addition, avoid plagiarism, as this will earn a student an automatic zero.

Essays are due no later than the Friday following the second Celebrating Unity Ball. 

American Life during the Nineteenth Century Essay