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Academic Bowl - Social Studies Outline

Social Studies/History Outline



  1. American Revolution - emphasis on pre-revolution

    1. Ideas

    2. Events

    3. Persons

    4. Documents

      • What document established the first national government of the United States? Articles of Confederation
      • Section 8 of Article 1 of the Constitution lists specific powers of Congress. What are the powers called? enumerated powers
      • How did the Great Compromise settle the issue of representation in the legislature? House of Representatives based on state populations. Senate would have an equal number of votes.
      • What is the difference between enumerated and implied powers? Specific powers and powers not specifically stated in the Constitution
      • Name the three branches of government and which officer presides over each branch? Legislature - Speaker or Speaker of the House, Executive - President, and Judiciary - Chief Justice (of the Supreme Court)
      • What did the Three-Fifth Compromise settle? Three-Fifths of the slave population would be counted to determine representation and taxation

  1. War of 1812

    • Which country won the War of 1812? There was no clear winner.
    • Which treaty ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent

  1. Slavery

    • In what year did Congress ban the importation of new African slaves? 1807
    • What plan did Congress pass in 1820 to maintain the balance between free and slave states? Missouri Compromise
    • How was the issue of slavery to be decided in Nebraska and Kansas? Popular sovereignty would allow residents to vote on the issue.

  1. Civil War

    1. Causes

      • Which state was the first to secede from the Union in 1860? South Carolina
      • Which states were known as border states at the start of the Civil War? Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri

  1. Westward Movement/Manifest Destiny

    • How was Oregon divided? It was divided at the 49th parallel.
    • ?

  1. Mexican War

    • Which president made manifest destiny the policy of the government? James Polk
    • Which treaty ended the Mexican War? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

  1. Constitution

    1. Public Issues

    2. Voting

      • Which two groups did not have the right to vote by the mid-1850? women and African/Americans/blacks
    1. Law Making Process

    2. Amendments

      • Which Amendment makes it illegal for a state to take an individual's property without Due Process? Amendment Five/Fifth Amendment
      • Name each Amendment dealing with the issue of suffrage? Amendment 15, 19, 24, and 26

All questions will be regarding the timeline from 1775 to 1865. Any question related to U.S. Government is valid.  Additionally, all questions should focus on U.S. History only. No questions will relate to geography.

Academic Bowl Contestant Information

  • Academic Bowl starts at 9:00 a.m. Kathy Shirley will welcome individuals and introduce scorekeepers/moderators etc… and commence the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Moderator will go over questioning and answering procedure.

  • No video or photos should be taken during the question and answer period. No audience participation is allowed.

  • Moderator will call math team first.

  • Proctors sit behind student teams not from their school.

  • Moderator explains that Math has 60 seconds for answering questions. Other subjects will only have 30 seconds to answer questions, with possible exceptions.

  • The moderator will explain that he/she will read the question at the same time the contestants are reading it.  Questions will also be displayed in a Keynote on the Apple TV.

  • The moderator then asks the proctors to take out the packet of cards for the category.

  • The moderator will signal the proctors to pass forward the questions.

  • The moderator reads the question.

  • The Timekeeper starts the timer for (60 math, 30 all others with possible exceptions) . Time keeper gives a “10 seconds to go” warning. Students MUST return the card to the proctor BEFORE time is up or their answer is void.

  • The moderator will then read the correct answer. 

  • Proctors will hold up the card if the team got their answer correct. (Keep cards raised until scorekeepers signals ready).

  • Proctors may stand to ask for clarification.

  • Students may request that the proctor ask for ask for clarification.

  • Scorekeepers only show the point results for the subject students are currently competing in and hide the other scores (a live Google spreadsheet will be displayed on the Apple TV behind the moderator).

  • Moderator will thank proctors at the end of each round.

  • The next teams are invited up (determined by moderator) until all teams have competed and the process is repeated.

  • There will be a short break while long math results are entered into the score sheet (blind to viewers).

  • At the end the scores will be revealed and the moderator will announce each subjects school winners and the overall school winner.

  • Third, second, and first places will be recognized and given awards.

  • After awards, lunch is served.