Learnee.com represents electric education and archives daily lessons, class news, due dates, files, and resources that are used in Mr. Garritson's eighth grade social studies class. Parents and students should use this site often because it is the best method to keep track of daily lessons, upcoming events, and supplemental resourcesNews has weekly or biweekly posts sharing information about past, present, and future lessons, units, assignments, assessments, and events. Agenda contains a detailed outline of the daily lesson, including pictures, resource links, and links to posted Lessons. Lessons has links to notes, unit plans, and other types of Learnee lesson pages. Any student absent from social studies needs to use the Agenda page to make up missing work. Calendar includes detailed information about the due dates, point value, and resources for assignments, assessments, and events. Downloads contains downloadable class materials such as documents, answer keys, templates, slideshows, quizees, guides, and digital books. Links provides a link with a short explanation to numerous websites that will help students better understand American history, government, geography, and current events. About archives teacher biographical information, class policies, grading systems, content standards, and miscellaneous pages that explain school or class events. Learnee is a dynamic site that will further expand on a daily basis with information and resources. Please provide comments to help make Learnee a better place to enhance student learning.