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Dance Mat Typing- Work on your typing skills with this internet based typing activity.  There are 4 levels of practice that you can choose from.  Have fun learning to type!

USA Learns- This website is an internet based site that helps individuals learn English.  It has many lessons and utilizes voice, videos, and other skills to help the learner.

ESL for Spanish Speakers- This site allows you to take many quizzes.  They say the word in English and the learner finds the correct phrase in Spanish.

English Central- On this innovative site, there are videos in many different categories to help you learn English.  Just choose what you want and listen and read the words to the video.  Afterwards, you can record your voice and see how you did.

Duolingo- In this site, learners can set their own pace and move onto different activities if they find that some are too difficult or too easy.  Students can listen to words and translate words into writing.  It was named best language learning app in 2013!