Video K-2 (Class)

As you consider each of the entries, please keep in mind the following guidelines:
  • Be sure to add the proper 3-digit entry number (available at the top of each entry); e.g. "001"
  • Be consistent throughout all of the entries; be equally hard or soft on all entries
  • Base all decisions on the work at hand; try not to allow outside influences to affect your judgement
  • Base scores on the Rubric for your category (available above)
  • Be sure to hit Submit when you complete scoring
  • Complete the judging within the judging window
  • If, for any reason, you don't feel comfortable scoring an entry, skip it and move on. But be sure to let us know which entries you've passed over and we will judge those entries for you.
  • Be sure to score all entries; make sure you don't double-score any entries (if that happens, we will keep the most recent score and disregard earlier scores)
K-2 Class Video
Entry #FirstLastSchoolTitle
vK2c-001LorrinHernandezFelicita Elementary SchoolHow School Has Changed
Technical Considerations:
  • Video starts immediately; roll mouse over screen to show video controls
  • Videos are displayed at 960 x 540
  • If possible, use high quality headphones for judging
  • Allow the video to load so you can watch from beginning to end without interruption 
  • Try to listen to all entries at similar volume levels
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