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01 Place Value and Number Sense

  1. Mega Penny Project - Comparing Groups of Pennies, Illustration
  2. Place Value - Illustrated Lesson With Sound/Includes Tenths and Hundredths
  3. Everything in Its Place - Quiz/ Answer Questions about Place Value
  4. BBC The Number System - Activity - Place Value
  5. BBC The Number System - Quiz - Place Value
  6. Toon University Place Value to Thousands- Game
  7. Toon University Place Value to 100,000 - Game
  8. Place Value/ Top It - Game With Sound
  9. Place Value to 100,000 - Put Numbers in the Correct Place Value
  10. Match a Place on a Numberline for a Number - Practice
  11. Place Value Puzzle - Identify a Digit and Create a Piece of a Picture Puzzle
  12. Fun Brain/ Cookie Dough - Write the Number
  13. Place Value Playoff - Matching Game with Expanded Notation
  14. Number Nut Rounding Quiz
  15. Cookie Dough - Type in the Word to Match the Number
  16. Bead Numbers - Higher Order Thinking Activity; Practice With Hundreds, Tens and Ones
  17. Mystery Picture -Click on a Button with the Text, then Click on the Button with the Correct Number.
  18. Prime Factoring - Game to Identify Prime and Composit Numbers
  19. BBC Place value - Balance Amounts
  20. IXL Match Model to Numbers
  21. IXL Place Value Questions
  22. IXL Word Names For Numbers
  23. IXL Convert Between Numbers
  24. Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy - Answer Game Questions About Place Value